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Uneven Floors

Uneven floors might just be the first sign of deeper foundation problems. At Bay Area Underpinning, we offer professional foundation repair services designed to not only improve the look of your floors but ensure they are stable and secure for the long term.

At Bay Area Underpinning, we have successfully fixed countless uneven floors using our cutting-edge techniques. Our comprehensive foundation repair services will reinforce your home’s foundation, ensuring your floors remain even and steadfast.

What Are Uneven Floors?

An uneven floor is exactly what it sounds like—a floor that does not have a uniform level. You might notice certain spots are either raised or dipped compared to the rest of the floor.

This can cause a noticeable slope or bumps across your floor’s surface, which can be quite a nuisance in everyday life, such as when objects roll off counters unexpectedly.

The most common reason behind an uneven floor is an underlying issue with the home’s foundation. If parts of the foundation shift or deteriorate, it can have a direct effect on the levelness of your floors.

Why Does Your Home Have Uneven Floors? Understanding the Underlying Issues

Several different factors can lead to the emergence of uneven floors. Bay Area Underpinning’s thorough foundation repair process aims to detect all possible causes to ensure effective remedies. Common culprits include:

Soil Settling

The ground beneath parts of your foundation can compress or wash away after heavy rain, leading to an imbalance in the floor above.

Root Intrusion

Tree roots may grow beneath your home and can pressure the foundation, causing it to weaken and affect the levelness of your floors.

Moisture Issues

A stable foundation depends on solid ground support, but too much moisture can compromise this support system.

Water can wash away soil in some spots or cause expansion in others, particularly in clay-heavy soils, creating an imbalance that affects the foundation and, subsequently, your floors.

Can Uneven Floors Be Fixed?

Indeed, they can! By employing advanced foundation repair techniques, such as the use of pier systems, Bay Area Underpinning can straighten your floors while addressing the fundamental problems.

Temporary solutions may seem to work for a while, but they won’t fix the underlying issues. Our permanent foundation repair services will.

We reinforce your home’s foundation to prevent future movement or settling. Our extensive repair plan is trusted by homeowners across Northern California for lasting results.

How to Correct an Uneven Floor: A Detailed Guide

Bay Area Underpinning’s tried-and-true floor leveling procedure is a testament to our decades of experience. Here’s a glimpse of the process you can expect:

1. Preliminary Evaluation

Our team will evaluate the condition of your uneven floors, identifying critical areas. We also look for other potential foundation or structural concerns that might be affecting your property.

2. Pier Installation

We position foundation piers strategically under the affected zones to elevate and stabilize your floors. Our piers are engineered to distribute your home’s weight uniformly.

Your home’s unique build and specific damage may require helical piers, push piers or slab piers. Regardless of the type, the goal is to secure your foundation’s integrity.

3. Additional House Repairs

Should there be other issues like moisture intrusion or weakening concrete, we will address those to prevent any future foundation or floor problems.

Reasons to Act on Uneven Floor Concerns Today

Ignoring an uneven floor has consequences that many homeowners might not realize. Failure to address the problem can lead to:

  • Increasingly severe unevenness in floors
  • More structural damage like wall cracks or floor cracks
  • Mold growth and related health concerns from moisture
  • Possible plumbing issues from foundation shifts
  • Escalating repair costs as damage worsens

Don’t let what may seem like a minor annoyance become a major hazard or financial burden. Bay Area Underpinning provides cost-effective and less intrusive solutions to stabilize your foundation and level your floors.

Contact Bay Area Underpinning for Sustainable Solutions

When wobbly floors suggest possible foundation issues, Bay Area Underpinning is here to help. Our specialized services have been perfecting foundations and floors throughout Northern California for years.

We offer a professional evaluation and estimate without any obligation. Then we develop a custom repair plan tailored to your home’s specific conditions. Our engineered solutions are designed for longevity, giving you peace of mind.

Uneven floors are a clear indicator that your foundation needs prompt attention. Contact us today to book your free inspection and secure your foundation’s stability!

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