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Cracked Concrete

Despite its durability, concrete is not without its flaws.

Concrete is susceptible to cracks and damage over time, negatively impacting your home and family. Cracked concrete is an eyesore and a substantial risk, posing safety hazards and structural concerns.

At Bay Area Underpinning, we recognize the importance of tackling these issues and offer efficient, effective solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.

Our specialized services and proprietary products include our advanced SettleStop PolyRenewal™ polyurethane injections. This unique concrete lifting system is designed to provide lasting, professional resolutions to cracked concrete problems, ensuring the safety and longevity of your structures.

This page educates you on the signs and sources of cracked concrete, and how Bay Area Underpinning’s proprietary repairs benefit your home.

What Is Cracked Concrete

Cracked concrete refers to the occurrence of lines, splits, or fractures in the concrete surfaces around your home. This damage can range from minor surface lines or hairline cracks to significant fractures that penetrate the depth of the concrete, potentially compromising structural integrity.

Cracks are common and can happen on many concrete surfaces, including:

Additionally, other damage can accompany cracking:

Cracks and other damage impact the aesthetic value of your home and pose serious tripping and safety hazards, requiring immediate attention and remediation. It may be tempting to delay repairs, but quick action is essential to prevent further damage.

Why Your Home Has Cracked Concrete

Cracked concrete can occur due to a variety of reasons, including

  • Settling and eroding soil
  • Excessive rain, flooding, or snowmelt
  • Freeze-thaw cycles
  • Improper drainage
  • Invasive tree roots
  • Poor concrete pouring
  • Issues with curing during installation
  • Normal shrinkage, wear, and tear

These factors damage the concrete and can impact the home’s foundation severely. Settlement and movement of soil beneath the concrete slabs, combined with external pressures and weather events like earthquakes, often form cracks, resulting in long-term structural and safety issues if not addressed promptly.

Can You Fix Cracked Concrete?

Yes, cracked concrete can be fixed. It’s important to repair cracked concrete as soon as you notice a problem, as significant damage limits repair options.

While you may be tempted to try quick fixes like sealing the cracks or invest in traditional repair methods like mudjacking, this won’t address the underlying causes. The damage will only worsen, and repairs will become more complex and more expensive.

Adopting a whole-home solution to address the underlying issues effectively is crucial. At Bay Area Underpinning, we provide comprehensive services and solutions beyond superficial repairs, ensuring lasting results and preventing future occurrences.

We utilize cutting-edge polyurethane injection technology called PolyRenewal™ to lift cracking and sinking exterior concrete surfaces. For homes with foundation problems, our pros may recommend other solutions like foundation piers or slab piers specifically designed to stabilize and potentially raise sinking slab foundations.

No two homes are alike, each requiring customized repairs tailored to their unique needs. Our team will evaluate your property and determine the ideal long-term solutions to fix your home’s concrete and foundation problems for good.

How to Fix Cracked Concrete

Bay Area Underpinning’s process of fixing cracked concrete involves:

  • Thorough inspection to identify underlying causes and determine repairs
  • Drill small, penny-sized holes into the affected concrete
  • Place injection ports into the holes
  • Mix the two-part, closed-cell polyurethane foam
  • Inject the foam under the concrete
  • Monitor the foam’s expansion and the concrete’s lift
  • Allow the foam to cure for 15 minutes
  • Remove the injection ports
  • Fill the drilled holes and ensure a smooth finish
  • Seal cracks and joints for damage prevention
  • Maintain concrete surfaces for ensured protection

We offer state-of-the-art products to address your specific issues more effectively than other solutions. Our proprietary products, such as PolyRenewal™, provide precise and prompt concrete lifting, restoring a slab’s stability, safety, and appearance.

Why Address Cracked Concrete Now

It’s important to repair cracked concrete as soon as possible for several reasons:

  • Prevent Further Damage: Early intervention prevents damage progression, safeguarding your home’s structural integrity.
  • Enhance Safety: Timely repairs mitigate tripping and safety hazards, ensuring a secure environment for your family.
  • Restoration of Property Value: Maintaining the condition of concrete structures preserves and potentially enhances the value of your property.

Postponing repairs allows the problems to worsen. To fully resolve cracked concrete issues, rely on Bay Area Underpinning and our advanced, proprietary solutions developed to deliver optimal, lasting results.

Contact Bay Area Underpinning for Reliable Concrete Lifting Solutions

You don’t have to tolerate cracked concrete on your property any longer. Trust Bay Area Underpinning for effective, reliable concrete lifting solutions to protect your home’s safety and value. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation inspection and experience peace of mind with our professional, reliable services.

Our experts inspect cracked concrete to determine the actual cause and then engineer a customized solution. We offer long-lasting, warrantied concrete repairs that eliminate trip hazards, prevent further cracking, and restore the look of your concrete.


Cracked concrete may be indicative of underlying foundation problems, which should be inspected and assessed by a professional. Bay Area Underpinning provides free home inspections, obligation-free estimates, no hidden costs, diverse payment and financing plans, comprehensive repair solutions, and long-term warranties for your peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more.

We do not recommend DIY solutions like patching or filling cracked concrete or investing in repouring or mudjacking the slabs. These temporary options quickly become time-consuming and expensive, and they fail to address the source of the problem. Opt for professional concrete lifting services like those provided by Bay Area Underpinning. Contact us to learn more and book a free inspection and estimate.

Our innovative PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting system is versatile and can be used on various concrete surfaces—from outdoor patios and driveways to garage floors and interior slab floors. Our foundation repairs are also tailored to your specific foundation, whether it’s a basement, crawl space, or slab. Contact Bay Area Underpinning to schedule a free inspection and estimate to determine the right repairs for your home.

Disclaimer: “Concrete leveling” means the process by which cracked, uneven concrete is stabilized, and in many cases lifted, by means of PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam. Bay Area Underpinning does not guarantee that PolyRenewal™ can make your concrete perfectly level.

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