Concrete Leveling And Concrete Lifting Cameron Park CA

Are you trying to figure out what to do with an ugly sunken sidewalk, driveway, pool deck, garage floor or some other type of concrete slab in Cameron Park? If you need help with concrete leveling and concrete lifting (also known as slabjacking or polyurethane foam injection) in Cameron Park CA, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

At Bay Area Underpinning we’ve been working hard to lift and level concrete slabs in Cameron Park, CA since 2005. If you have an uneven slab, we can lift it, level it, and make it beautiful again in no time flat!

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Sunken Concrete Is Both A Safety Hazard And A Liability

Sunken concrete slabs are definitely an eyesore. However, they’re also trip hazards that could lead to nasty lawsuits. Therefore, don’t put this repair on the back burner. We are able to level sunken or settled concrete slabs in Cameron Park, CA including, but not limited to…

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