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Sidewalk Repair

Cracked and sunken concrete sidewalks detract from your property’s appeal and pose safety and potential liability risks. Proper repair and protection are essential.

Bay Area Underpinning offers a reliable concrete lifting solution using our innovative SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ polyurethane injections. We efficiently fill voids beneath your sidewalks, skillfully lifting and stabilizing the slabs.

Since 2005, homeowners in the Bay Area have trusted us to ensure the stability of their concrete pathways. Rely on our expertise to deliver a secure and durable solution for your sidewalks.

This page is your comprehensive guide to concrete sidewalk repair, exploring signs of damage and highlighting why Bay Area Underpinning’s solution is the best choice for your home.

What is Concrete Sidewalk Repair?

Concrete sidewalk repair is necessary for addressing the safety hazards and unsightly appearance of uneven, cracked sidewalks.

Though widely used, conventional techniques like repouring and mudjacking are expensive, invasive, temporary, and ineffective. They do not address the underlying causes of concrete sidewalk damage, such as unstable, expansive soils and oversaturation.

The concrete lifting process, specifically with the PolyRenewal™ system, is essential to provide a durable, eco-friendly, and fast solution for misaligned sidewalk slabs. Concrete lifting seamlessly integrates into Bay Area Underpinning’s whole-home solutions, preserving your home’s overall structural integrity.

Signs Your Concrete Sidewalk Needs Repair

Recognizing the need for sidewalk repair is crucial for maintaining safety and aesthetics in your outdoor space. If your sidewalk exhibits these telltale symptoms, it likely requires repair:

  • Extensive cracks wider than ¼ inch and fragmentation
  • Uneven, tilted, or sinking slabs
  • Significant height differences between slabs
  • Visible gaps between slabs
  • Slabs that rock or shift when stepped on
  • Related damage like pitting, flaking, and staining
  • Water or mud collecting on the sidewalk

Addressing these concerns promptly with Bay Area Underpinning can prevent safety hazards, increased damage, and higher repair costs. Early intervention allows for less invasive solutions.

Is Concrete Sidewalk Repair Necessary?

Concrete sidewalk repair is not merely a suggestion; it directly enhances safety. 

Neglecting sidewalk repair can worsen the damage, requiring more extensive and costly solutions. Timely intervention prevents gradual deterioration, securing your financial investment and physical well-being. 

Integrating repair into a comprehensive whole-home solution mitigates potential structural and environmental issues, ensuring a secure and aesthetically pleasing residence.

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Sidewalk Repair?

Repairing your concrete sidewalk offers numerous benefits, including:

Safer and Accessible Living Environment

Lifting uneven sidewalks enhances safety and eliminates trip hazards. Smoothing cracks and sealing joints creates a seamless walking surface, improving accessibility and mitigating potential liabilities.

Prevent Additional Damage

Sidewalk issues like cracks and sinking slabs worsen over time when left not repaired. Water seeping in and eroding the soil beneath exacerbates the problem. Stabilizing the soil and lifting the concrete prevents continued deterioration. Our solutions and maintenance maximize the longevity of repairs.

Enhanced Curb Appeal and Value

Lifting and repairing damaged sidewalks enhances your property’s appearance and value. Our proprietary PolyRenewal™ system ensures aesthetically pleasing results that stand the test of time.

To achieve optimal functionality, choose our proprietary PolyRenewal™ system, designed with a competitive edge in efficiency, eco-friendliness, and longevity compared to generic alternatives.

How Our Concrete Sidewalk Repair System Works

Bay Area Underpinning’s expert technicians follow these steps for seamless, long-lasting sidewalk repair:

  • Thoroughly inspect the sidewalk to identify the cause of damage and verify the necessary repairs.
  • Drill small holes into the affected sidewalk sections.
  • Place injection ports in the drilled holes.
  • Mix the specialized two-part, closed-cell polyurethane foam.
  • Inject the foam under the sidewalk slabs.
  • All the foam to expand, fill voids, and cure (approximately 15 minutes).
  • Ensure proper slab lifting and soil stabilization.
  • Remove the ports and fill the drilled holes.
  • Apply protective sealant to cracks and joints.
  • Implement regular maintenance and monitoring protocols.

As industry-leading experts in concrete sidewalk repair, you can trust Bay Area Underpinning’s crews to deliver dependable solutions and excellent services.

Why Our Sidewalk Repair is the Best Choice for Your Home

Our PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting system offers a range of unique features and benefits:

  • Precise: The PolyRenewal™ system provides incredibly accurate lifting and stabilization.
  • Less Invasive: No heavy machinery or extensive digging is required.
  • Lightweight Material: Foam weighs significantly less than other concrete or mudjacking materials.
  • Fast-acting: Cures in 15 minutes, minimizing concrete downtime and disruption to your routine.
  • Durable: Endures environmental pressures without washing out or settling.
  • Multi-purpose: Suitable for various concrete surfaces.
  • Eco-friendly: Made from environmentally friendly materials that won’t harm soil, landscaping, or water supplies.
  • Inconspicuous: Repairs are virtually invisible.
  • Maintenance Protection: Our yearly maintenance plan ensures long-lasting quality.

Contact Bay Area Underpinning for Concrete Sidewalk Repair Today!

The safety and structural integrity of your sidewalk are crucial. Secure it with the unrivaled reliability of Bay Area Underpinning and our PolyRenewal™ system. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate, and embark on a journey toward a safer sidewalk. 

As concrete repair professionals, we have the expertise to provide long-lasting results. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your sidewalks and recommend customized solutions to repair damage and prevent future issues. With our “By Your Side Guarantee,” we’ll be with you every step of the way.


Traditional repair methods like mudjacking and repouring can take several days for the material to cure enough for the sidewalk to be functional. However, Bay Area Underpinning’s concrete lifting process can be completed within a day. Our polyurethane foam cures within 15 minutes, allowing you to use your sidewalk on the same day as the installation. Contact us to learn more and schedule a free inspection.

No, our PolyRenewal™ system lifts existing concrete slabs back into place without demolition. Minimal drilling is required, compared to techniques like mudjacking and complete replacement. Contact Bay Area Underpinning for a free inspection and to learn more about our innovative solution and installation procedure.

Costs vary based on the damage extent, the affected area’s size, and the necessary repairs. Bay Area Underpinning provides free inspections, no-obligation estimates, transparent pricing, and various financing options to meet your needs.

Disclaimer: “Concrete leveling” means the process by which cracked, uneven concrete is stabilized, and in many cases lifted, by means of PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam. Bay Area Underpinning does not guarantee that PolyRenewal™ can make your concrete perfectly level.

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