Foundation Repair Concord, CA

Foundation Repair Concord, CA

Are you having trouble with foundation problems in Concord, CA? If so, you’ve landed on the right page! Bay Area Underpinning has been offering experienced, professional foundation repair in Concord, CA since 2005. Go ahead and name your foundation problem. Whatever it is, we can fix it!

Bay Area Underpinning provides experienced, professional foundation repair for homeowners in Concord, CA. We do everything from screw jack replacement to polyurethane injections. If you only have time to read only one thing on this page scroll to the bottom and check out our customer reviews!

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Common Foundation Problems in Concord

We can repair all foundation problems in Concord, CA including…

  • Drainage problems
  • Wet basements or crawl spaces
  • Improper grading
  • Underpinning problems
  • Earthquake damage
  • Landslide damage
  • Retaining wall failure
  • Expansive soil (This is a common problem in the Bay Area)
  • Beams and posts that have rotted
  • Wall, ceiling, or floor cracks
  • Bowed walls
  • Rotated walls
  • Doors and windows that stick
  • Uneven floors

It’s impossible to over-stress the importance of a foundation. Even minor issues can quickly turn into major problems if they’re not promptly addressed. If you notice any of these problems – or even something we haven’t mentioned – contact us right away to schedule an inspection.

Foundation Repair Services in Concord

We get it. Foundation problems are stressful. However, since we’ve successfully completed over 2700 foundation repairs in Northern California, we’re able to guide you through the repair process step by step. Our job is not only to repair your foundation but to keep you informed as we’re doing it. We’ll tell you exactly what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and when we’ll be doing it. 

Foundation Repair

Sloping floors, and doors and windows that are out of place are signs of an un-level foundation. This is usually due to settlement and can be fixed via  underpinning, a process which uses steel push piers to lift buildings back up to where they were before.

Helical Piers 

Helical piers are something like giant screws. They’re fast and easy to install, and this makes them perfect for new construction projects requiring a deep foundation system. They’re a cost-effective alternative to more traditional concrete piers.

Drilled Concrete Piers 

Homes built on hillsides frequently experience foundation movement due to settlement. Soil that was once under the foundation, slowly, over time, makes its way down the hillside.  Problems include sloping floors, doors and windows that stick, and thin cracks in drywall. We use concrete piers drilled deep down into the bedrock to stabilize the home.

Polyurethane Foam Injection 

Drainage problems, tree roots, and expansive clay soil can cause movement in concrete paths and walkways. Of course, uneven concrete is a safety hazard and should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid liability issues. 

We lift concrete using a minimally-invasive technique that involves injecting polyurethane foam under it. The foam expands and lifts the concrete back into place. It’s not as expensive as replacing the concrete and you can use the path or walkway immediately after the repair has been completed.

Crawl Space Screw Jack Replacement 

Sometimes, a foundation can be perfectly sound even though you see signs of settlement like cracked walls, and doors and windows that are no longer aligned.  This is often caused by screw jacks that have deteriorated or crawl space support posts that have settled. In these cases, we can often use your existing pier locks and just remove/replace the posts or screw jacks. The floor can then be lifted back to its original position.

Foundation Replacement 

Every now and then when it doesn’t make sense to repair a foundation – perhaps due to extensive damage or maybe just the fact that it wouldn’t be cost-effective to do a repair –  we can perform either a full and partial foundation replacement. 

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