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Does Home Insurance Cover Foundation Repair?

Wondering if your home insurance policy covers foundation repair? Understanding your policy prevents unexpected costs associated with foundation damage. This page outlines common exclusions and proactive measures you can take to ensure the safety and stability of your home. Let’s answer the question: Does home insurance cover foundation repair? 

What is Foundation Repair? 

Foundation repair methods stabilize the supportive base of a home, building, or similar structure. This process involves foundation piers, steel beams, jacks, and concrete lifting solutions to address cracks, uneven concrete surfaces, and other damage. Foundation repair strengthens the underlying soil, correcting current issues and preventing further deterioration.  

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Repair? 

Homeowners insurance covers foundation repair based on the cause of damage. The most common foundation damages covered by homeowners insurance include sudden and accidental events, such as: 

  • House fires and wildfires 
  • Explosions caused by gas leaks 
  • Tornados, windstorms, and hailstorms 
  • Falling objects like telephone poles and trees 
  • Lightning strikes 
  • Accidental water damage 
  • Vandalism 

Foundation cracks and uneven settling are usually not covered by homeowners insurance. Policyholders should review their coverage details with an insurance agent to ensure comprehensive protection. 

What Are the Major Exclusions in a Typical Homeowners Policy? 

Several exclusions apply to homeowner’s insurance policies, including foundation damage caused by:  

  • Normal wear and tear 
  • Water damage from floods or sewage back-ups 
  • Sinkholes and landslides 
  • Invasive tree roots 
  • Ground soil instability that leads to foundation settlement 
  • Pest infestations 
  • Damage resulting from power failure 
  • Homeowner negligence   

Since insurance coverage varies, discussing your policy details with your agent is crucial to ensure the proper protection. 

Causes and Signs of Foundation Damage  

Many environmental factors, such as soil composition, temperature fluctuations, tree roots, and inadequate drainage systems, cause foundation damage. Addressing the signs of deterioration before they worsen is crucial to preventing further damage and expensive repairs. If you notice drywall cracks, uneven floors, cracked bricks, or other signs of foundation issues, contact a foundation repair expert for a free inspection. Foundation repair experts identify and diagnose the problem, recommend the most appropriate solutions, and ensure the work is completed correctly the first time.  

Can You Fix a Damaged Foundation? 

Foundation piers, polyurethane concrete lifting, wall reinforcements, steel beams, and jacks common methods for repairing foundation damage. If you notice signs of damage, no matter how insignificant they may seem, it is crucial to contact a foundation repair expert for a free inspection. Doing so prevents further damage and expensive repairs, ensuring the safety and well-being of your family and home. 

Bay Area Underpinning Offers Expert Foundation Repair Solutions 

Safeguard your investment by understanding the details of your homeowner’s insurance policy before damage occurs. Bay Area Underpinning offers expert, customized foundation repair solutions to ensure the long-term strength and stability of your home. Our specialists provide free inspections to identify, diagnose, and repair foundation damage at its source, offering expert repair solutions. Contact us today to protect your home. 

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