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7 Reasons Why DIY Foundation Repair Fails

Large crack in a stone block wall.

You might think doing DIY foundation repair looks easy and is a great way to save money. However, the job requires high-quality tools and expert training to be done properly.

We’ve seen some homeowners try to fix their foundation on their own, and it rarely works, if ever. Here’s a guide from our team of foundation experts to help you avoid the same mistakes.

Top Reasons Why DIY Foundation Repair Fails

1. Misunderstanding the Issue

When you attempt to repair your home’s foundation by yourself, there’s a high chance you might miss the actual problem. This isn’t a knock on you, it’s just that successful foundation repair requires specialized training. What appears as a minor crack could be an indication of a more severe issue. Incorrectly assessing damage can result in improper ways to address the problem.

2. Hazards of DIY Repairs

Trying to do foundation repair without the necessary expertise and equipment is dangerous. DIY jobs can lead to serious accidents, including falls or structural collapse. Keep in mind, that these hazards might not arise immediately. Without the proper fix, foundation damage will continue to compound over time, and you could become injured later.

3. Compounding the Problem

DIY attempts at fixing your foundation can inadvertently cause more harm. Given California’s diverse climate and soil conditions, a seemingly minor repair can quickly become a significant issue if not handled correctly. Poorly executed repairs can deteriorate, leading to issues like uneven floors, sticking doors and windows, and new cracks in the walls.

4. Risking Your Warranty

Undertaking foundation repairs on your own might void your home’s warranty or insurance coverage. This could leave you financially responsible for any subsequent damages, even those unrelated to the foundation. In California, where local weather and soil conditions are known to cause issues for many homes, this risk can lead to substantial out-of-pocket expenses.

5. Increased Costs in the Long Run

It may seem DIY foundation repair is a cost-saving plan in the long run, but improper repairs can cost you more. Failing to address the root cause of foundation damage can lead to even worse problems down the line, increasing the cost of future repairs and negatively impacting your home’s value.

6. Inadequate Tools and Materials

Proper foundation repair requires specific tools and materials that are typically not available to the average homeowner. Using the wrong tools or materials can fail to rectify the issue and might even cause further damage, necessitating additional repairs and increasing overall costs.

7. Reducing Your Home’s Value

Attempting to repair your foundation yourself can lower your home’s resale value. Potential buyers may be wary of the repair work’s quality and could request a professional inspection, which might reveal additional problems. This can make your home harder to sell and decrease its market value.

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Foundation Repair

Expert Knowledge

Experts have the skills and know-how to fix foundation issues the right way. They can figure out what’s really causing problems, like cracks or floors that aren’t level, making sure they fix the actual problem. This know-how is super important because it ensures your home is actually protected from foundation damage.

Safer and Secure

Fixing a foundation can be risky, with dangers like buildings falling down or having to lift heavy stuff. Professional repair crews wear the right safety gear and follow important rules to keep accidents from happening. This means everyone stays safe, and you avoid getting hurt trying to do it on your own.

Economical in the Long Run

It might look like hiring a pro to fix your foundation costs a lot at first, but it can actually save you money later on. Pros get the job done right from the start, which stops more damage and means you don’t have to pay for more fixes later. Also, trying to fix things yourself could make your home’s warranty useless, and that could cost you more if something else goes wrong.

Proper Tools

Experts in foundation repair use some really cool tools that help keep your foundation steady. Most people don’t have these tools at home, and you need special training and big machines to use them anyway. Working with pros who have the right tools makes fixing your foundation smoother and more likely to succeed.

What Tools Do Foundation Repair Experts Use?

Professional foundation repair is more effective than ever in today’s modern age. Experts, like our team at Alpha Foundations, use strong and powerful tools to repair and prevent foundation damage. We’ll outline the two most effective repair methods used in Florida: foundation pier systems and crawl space support jacks.

Foundation Pier Systems

Foreman driving pier system into the ground.

Foundation piers are one of the best ways to repair concrete slab foundations (also called a “slab-on-grade”). There are three common types of foundation piers—push piershelical piers, and slab piers.

Each pier system stabilizes and strengthens a home’s foundation, but they differ in their appearance and situational use. With a free inspection from Bay Area Underpinning, our team can show you which foundation pier system is best for your home.

Crawl Space Support Jacks

Three crawl space support jacks attached to a wooden beam in a crawl space.

For homes with a crawl space foundation, the best repair option is a crawl space support jack system. These steel support beams attach to the floor joists in your crawl space, strengthening the entire structure.

Most crawl space jacks can be adjusted to match the size of your crawl space. They make your crawl space stronger, and, in turn, fix foundation issues. Crawl space jacks can also repair pier and beam foundations!


Typically, homeowners’ insurance does not cover foundation repairs unless the damage is the result of a covered peril, such as a plumbing leak or damage from a natural disaster. Check with your provider for details. 

It’s critical to treat any foundation concerns as urgent matters needing immediate attention. Small cracks can be an indication of more significant structural problems. If you notice any discrepancies at home, reach out to Bay Area Underpinning for a free inspection and repair quote. 

The cost is determined by several factors, including the level of damage and the repair solutions implemented. For a precise quote, get in touch with Bay Area Underpinning. We offer free inspections and estimates, straightforward pricing, and various financing options

Receive Professional Foundation Repair With Bay Area Underpinning

Certified field inspector shaking hands with homeowner at front door.

If you’re looking for trusted professionals to repair your foundation, don’t hesitate to contact Alpha Foundations. We’ve been helping homeowners in California protect their foundations since 2005, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

With industry-leading solutions and an experienced team, we’re committed to repairing and protecting your home. Don’t risk the safety of your home with DIY foundation repair—schedule a free inspection with Bay Area Underpinning today!

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