It seems like California just can’t get a break. In the last few months, we’ve had fire, heat, cold, and rain. Snow fell in southern portions of the state for the first time since the early ’60s and now a winter storm is dumping rain and heavy snow in the northern portion of California. Rivers were reaching or exceeding flood stage, roads were unpassable, and homes and businesses were in danger of being damaged. Flood levels were greater than those reached during storms in 1995.

Some people were trapped in their homes, having to be rescued by emergency workers. Others were spotted using boats and other devices to retrieve mail or run errands. Flooded rivers included ones north of San Francisco, the Napa River, and others in Mendocino County. The San Francisco Bay Area was under flash flood watches and warnings from the National Weather Service.  The city of Santa Rosa received a record 5.66 inches of rain and the California Department of Transportation reported a maintenance yard in the Sierra Nevada received 30 inches of snow during the storm.

Bay Area Underpinning Can Help

If your home was impacted by flooding or mudslides, there is a good chance that the foundation may have been compromised, too. Once you are safe, contact the professionals at Bay Area Underpinning to inspect your home and make any foundation repairs you may need.

The flood waters can weaken the soil under and around your foundation. The flood waters can also put tremendous pressure on your foundation walls. Things may look ok, but below the surface, danger could be lurking. If mudslides occurred near your property, the foundation may also be weakened. The surrounding soil could have moved or lost support. Just like with floodwaters, things may look ok, but there may be a problem waiting to happen. Your home or business could be in serious danger.

Using reliable tools and products from Earth Contact Products (ECP), Bay Area Underpinning has the solutions for your foundation problems. We will come to your property and inspect it thoroughly, determining the cause of the problem and the best way to repair it. Our number one goal is to provide you with a safe and stable home or workplace.

Bay Area Underpinning specializes in stabilizing, lifting, and leveling commercial and residential foundations. After determining the cause of the foundation problem, we will decide the best way to make the repairs. We use resistance piers, push piers, and helical piers.

After the Storm

Once the storm passes and you are safe, take a look around your property for the following signs:

If you see any of these indicators, contact us as soon as possible. The longer you wait to start foundation repairs, the more danger your home is in and the more time and money it will take to make the repairs.

Contact Bay Area Underpinning for all of your foundation repair needs. We hope you all are safe and dry during this crazy weather!

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