Bouncy Floors

What Is A Bouncy Floor?

A bouncy floor is simply a floor that feels spongy or bouncy as you walk across it.

Are Bouncy Floor Dangerous?

A bouncy floor over a crawl space is usually a sign there’s a support problem in the crawl space. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Contact a foundation repair contractor and ask for an evaluation.

Are Sagging Floors Normal?

No, sagging floors are not normal. If your home’s floor is sagging or bouncy, you need to contact a professional foundation repair contractor right away and ask for an inspection.

Causes Of Bouncy, Spongy Floors

As your foundation settles, the interior floors can take the majority of the deflection, as the wood floors are constructed over isolated pier blocks that cannot support as much weight as the perimeter concrete foundation. As this settlement occurs, the floors can become bouncy or feel unsupported.

Interior floors may also be bouncy simply because they were under-engineered and the joists are not able to provide adequate support for the floors.

One major issue that can escalate this problem can be poor or improperly installed drainage. It is important to install the correct drainage system around your home to collect surface water and subterranean water that may be traveling underneath your foundation.

How To Fix A Bouncy Or Sagging Floor

Removal of the failing wooden posts or corroded screw jacks (original build or non-galvanized) can be replaced with our adjustable galvanized screw jacks. Another repair solution might involve supporting the joists via a technique called sistering.

It is also important to address any moisture issues within the crawl space to prevent the growth of mold or rot.

Choose Bay Area Underpinning For Quality Results

With years of experience in the foundation repair industry, we can help you determine where the problem exists and provide you with a solution that is designed specifically for your situation.