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Pests in Crawl Space

If you find pests in your home, it’s a serious matter. Pests like the dark, damp spaces in crawl spaces, which can cause significant damage and create unhealthy living conditions. 

Bay Area Underpinning serves Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose, and other nearby cities in our area. Choose us for comprehensive crawl space encapsulation, and you can solve your crawl space pest issues for good. 

What Are Crawl Space Pests? 

Crawl space pests are insects, rodents, or other small creatures that find their way into the moist, secluded areas beneath your home. Common pests include spiders, termites, ants, and cockroaches.  

These pests are attracted to crawl space moisture and can damage your home’s structure as they feed on the wooden beams supporting your home. If left alone, pests can compromise your health through their droppings and bacteria. 

What Causes Crawl Space Pests?

Pests are attracted to crawl spaces with easy access and high moisture levels. They enjoy this dark, damp environment.  

Here are several reasons why pests are attracted to crawl spaces: 

Can You Fix Crawl Space Pests?

Yes, you can manage crawl space pest infestations by addressing the conditions that attract them.  

At Bay Area Underpinning, we create a healthier home environment with crawl space encapsulation. This method makes your crawl space less attractive and more difficult for pests to enter. 

How to Fix Pests in Your Crawl Space

Begin with professional extermination to eliminate the initial infestation. After that, Bay Area Underpinning installed crawl space encapsulation solutions.  

Here’s what the encapsulation installation process looks like: 

  • Conduct an in-depth inspection to identify issues and their causes.  
  • Seal crawl space access doors to prevent external air and moisture intrusion.  
  • Install interior drainage and a sump pump to collect and expel water.  
  • Lay drainage matting on the floor to guide water towards the drainage system.  
  • Place foam board insulation panels on the walls to regulate indoor temperatures.  
  • Apply a vapor barrier on the floor and walls, encapsulating the crawl space.  
  • Set up a dehumidifier to maintain optimal indoor humidity levels.  

Why Address Pests in Your Crawl Space Now?

Addressing pets is important for preventing further infestations, protecting your health, avoiding structural damage, and maintaining your home’s value. Our solutions provide effective protection, ensuring a safe crawl space. 

Choose Bay Area Underpinning to Keep Pests out of Your Crawl Space!

Don’t let pests disrupt your home. Keep your living environment healthy with Bay Area Underpinning’s tailored solutions.  

Homeowners in Northern California trust us to improve their homes. Contact us today for a free crawl space inspection and estimate. 


Costs vary depending on damage severity, crawl space size, and necessary repairs. In a complimentary inspection, a Bay Area Underpinning expert will suggest customized solutions and provide an accurate price estimate.  

No, but our encapsulation methods can make pests less attracted to your crawl space. 

Yes, certain pests in your crawl space feed on structural supports below your home. Over time, this can cause sagging floors and expensive repairs.

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