Foundation Lifting in San Rafael, California

This specific Foundation Project in San Rafael, California consisted of installing (8) Galvanized Steel Push Piers along the back half of the home. This side of the home had shown settlement of up to 3” – 4” next to the chimney after elevations were taken from Project Estimator Jonathan. With the installation of eight Galvanized steel resistance piers, we successfully underpinned.

All costs are included up front including engineering, plans and permitting.

For more information on foundation problems and foundation leveling, see Foundation Settlement.

How the foundation stabilization process works using resistance piers

Underpinning a structure using galvanized resistance piers involves anchoring the foundation to soil that can support it. Unlike others, our Push Piers are hot dipped galvanized, which protects the pier from any erosion over time. Using the building’s weight and hydraulic pressure, the heavy-duty steel resistance piers – also called push piers – are driven into the ground until they reach load-bearing soil. Hydraulic jacks are attached to the top of the resistance piers, and then the building is raised back up. For more information on underpinning check out our blog.

Photo of a push pier

If your home is experiencing foundation problems and you’re in our service area in northern California, contact us today for a free inspection and repair estimate.