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Richmond is located on the south side of the bay, has been know to have their fair share of flooding and experiences water issues throughout the year.  When the water begins to seep into your homes foundation, you want the problem stopped.  Knowing who to call when you have water problems in your home is the key to keeping your home safe and protected from the elements. Bay Area Foundation Repairs is the name to know. They take pride in their company and will take the time to explain the problem and the solution to you in a way that you understand and can follow them along the way.

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Located in the eastern Bay Area region, Richmond, California, is a city of roughly 100,000 residents. With a beautiful view of the bay and many animal species, such as leopard sharks and striped bass, Richmond is a popular destination for many wishing to enjoy the beauties of western California. The Richmond Art Center and East Bay Center for the Performing Arts make Richmond popular not just for nature but for arts as well. Though with all the beauty of Richmond, the city is still subject to the same foundation problems that much of the west coast deals with. Bay Area Underpinning is available to help remedy those foundation problems. We are your go-to service provider for foundation repair Richmond.

foundation repair in richmond caSigns that you may need foundation repair could include:

  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Leaning chimneys
  • Cracked floors or walls
  • Water in your crawlspace
  • Leaning or bowing walls
  • Misaligned windows or doors
  • Cracks in exterior brickwork

Though these signs may seem unrelated, it is important for homeowners to realize that they point to a much bigger problem that needs immediate attention. Bay Area can fix your foundation problems with our high quality ECP-brand products. Our helical and resistance piers will support your home and keep it from sinking further into the ground. This support will lift a sinking or settling foundation, fix cracks, and remedy many of the problems caused by the shift. The piers used are designed to permanently bear heavy loads.

Foundation Repair Solutions for Richmond, CA

Do you have settling concrete floors? Bay Area Underpinning has the skills and expertise to lift and level your settling floors without replacing them. We ensure the longest lifetime repair to increase your home's appearance and resale value. When your concrete slab settles at different rates, it becomes a trip hazard at the joints between the slab. It also makes your home or business look unappealing. Our experts can assess your concrete damage to determine the best concrete leveling solution. We want to help keep your family safe and prevent costly repairs in the future.

Look around your property for additional signs of settling concrete such as:

  • Floor cracks
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Cracks at interior openings
  • Gaps under baseboards
  • Sloping floors

If you have these common signs, contact Bay Area. We offer concrete repair solutions such as floor leveling, foundation lifting, foundation leveling and foundation stabilization. These methods will get your concrete back to its original level without concrete replacement. Bay Area is your concrete repair team, serving Richmond with quality service.

We also provide crawlspace repair with vapor barriers. The experts at Bay Area now just how to get in your home and stop the water from ruining your family's safe haven.  Give us a call today and let's discuss your problems and how to get them fixed.