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A suburb of San Francisco, Pleasanton was named one of "America's Top Hometown Spots" of the US by Forbes in 2009. Pleasanton holds the County Fair at its Alameda County Fairgrounds every year. This fair is attended by thousands of people and has been held since 1912. Pleasanton, California's seasonal rains lend a hand in the flooding and water runoff.  When the water begins to seep into your home's foundation, you want the problem stopped.  Knowing who to call when you have water problems in your home is the key to keeping your home safe and protected from the elements. Bay Area Underpinning is the name to know. We take pride in our company and will take the time to explain the problem and the repair solution to you in a way that you understand and can follow. Pleasanton residents are turning to Bay Area Underpinning for all of their foundation repair needs.

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foundation repair pleasanton california, basement waterproofing pleasanton california, wall anchors Oftentimes, homeowners have difficulty recognizing a need for foundation repair. There are often little signs that point to a big problem, such as cracked walls or floors, sticking doors or windows, or a leaning chimney. These are most often caused by a shift in your home's foundation. When the foundation shifts or settles, the entire home shifts on top of it, causing cracking and other problems. This shift can make your home unstable and needs to be corrected. Bay Area Underpinning has several options for correcting your foundation problems. Our experienced crews use only the best ECP brand products to ensure that the quality of your Pleasanton foundation repair is the best. Our helical and resistance piers will lift your home's foundation and keep it stable despite shifts in soil. This added support can correct cracking and keep windows and doors from sticking. Wall anchors from Earth Contact Products can easily add long lasting support to bowing and leaning walls as well. We use ECP underpinning products for all of our foundation repair projects, because they are the best in the industry. We want to make sure all our foundation repairs are long lasting and fixed the first time for our customers.

Foundation Repair Methods for Pleasanton, CA

Sloping floors and sinking concrete are signs that you may have a foundation problem. The experts at Bay Area Underpinning can inspect your home for other signs of foundation problems. Some of the signs we will look for are:

If we find that you are in need of foundation repair, we will give you the best solution for your repair needs. We use underpinning products such as helical piers, steel push piers, and slab piers for foundation repair to lift and level your foundation back to its original level. These piers are driven deep into the ground to load bearing soils. Then the weight of the structure's load bearing walls is transferred from weaker soils onto the steel piers.

If you are need of floor and concrete leveling and lifting in Pleasanton, CA you can count on the professionals at Bay Area Underpinning to get the job done. Because we use only the best products made for foundation repair, made by ECP, you can be assured that your foundation will be stable for years to come. At the first sign of foundation repair, such as sloping floors, don't hesitate to contact Bay Area Underpinning. The sooner the repair is done, the least amount of damage that will occur to your home and foundation.

If you've noticed moisture in your crawlspace that has been causing mold, contact Bay Area Underpinning. We can install a vapor barrier in your crawlspace to keep moisture out. The experts at Bay Area know just how to get in your home and stop the water from ruining your family home's crawlspace. Give us a call today and let's discuss your problems and how to get them fixed. We are foundation repair experts in the Pleasanton California area, and look forward to helping you!

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