If you’re a homeowner looking for information about pier and beam foundation repair, you’ve come to the right place. This article has what you need, including the basics of pier and beam foundations, pier and beam foundation problems (and their causes), pier and beam foundation repair methods, signs you might need pier and beam foundation repair, and more.

Pier and beam foundation repair methods

The objective of pier and beam foundation repair is to stabilize and strengthen the structure. The three most common repair methods are:

Push piers (underpinning)
Resistance push piers are the most common method of repairing a pier and beam foundation. They’re driven deep down under the house until they hit the load-bearing soil. Once they’re in place, synchronized hydraulic jacks lift the house back up.

Helical piers (underpinning)
While helical piers are usually used for new construction projects, they’re sometimes used to underpin lightweight homes experiencing settlement. Because they’re shaped like screws, they’re turned into the soil until they reach the load-bearing strata. Synchronized hydraulic jacks then lift the building back up.

Crawl space support jacks
Settled support posts and deteriorated screw jacks are pretty common problems with pier and beam foundations. They can be fixed by using the existing pier locks and simply removing/replacing the posts or screw jacks.