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Foundation repair, is a service being offered by Bay Area Underpinning in Oakland, California. Being located in the bay, Oakland is considered a coastal city. This leads to a higher chance of flooding and runoff, which in turn leads to foundation water issues. The California spring and summer rains lend a hand in the flooding and water runoff.  When the water begins to seep into your homes foundation, you want the problem stopped. Knowing who to call when you have water and foundation problems in your home is the key to keeping your home safe and protected from the elements. Bay Area Underpinning is the name to know. Our foundation contractor team takes pride in their company and will take the time to explain the problem and the solution to you in a way that you understand and can follow them along the way.

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Quality underpinning products from Earth Contact Products are what the experts at Bay Area use to do the repairs needed to your homes foundation. The helical pier system we use is easily installed and is used on lightweight structures. The most common foundation pier that is used is the push pier. These piers are portable and can be easily transported by the contractors so you can be sure that the job can be done in a timely manner.

Foundation Repair Solutions in Oakland, California

Mostly everyone has experienced stumbling over an uneven concrete surface. Some falls are just stumbles and others cause serious injuries. Uneven concrete surfaces can occur around the home or on concrete floors of the home. Uneven concrete floors are usually caused by cracks and gaps on the surface. If you have uneven concrete floors in Oakland CA, contact Bay Area Underpinning today.

What causes uneven concrete floors? Moisture and inconsistent temperatures are the main factors that produce shifting and settling foundations. Excess moisture in homes are usually caused by improper downspouts, clogged gutters, plumbing leaks or inadequate waterproofing systems. Water accumulates around the foundation, causing cracks and uneven concrete slab. As a result, many homes encounter concrete cracks and settlement issues. Other signs of settlement may include:concrete leveling with foundation piers in Oakland CA

  • Leaning or tilting chimney
  • Floor cracks
  • Misaligned windows and doors
  • Foundation cracks
  • Foundation shifting or moving
  • Wall cracks
  • Cracks in mortar or brickwork
  • Sinking porch or stoop

If you have settling concrete along with other foundation issues, you may need concrete repair solutions. Our team of experts are trained to identify your source of foundation failure, so we can permanently fix your settling concrete. We offer foundation leveling, floor leveling, foundation lifting and foundation stabilization techniques to get your concrete stable and secure. We use the latest concrete leveling products to get your concrete surface back to its original state. Contact Bay Area today to see if our foundation piers and other solutions can help your home or business. We provide free estimates for your home or business in Oakland, CA.

The experts at Bay Area now just how to get in your home and stop the water from ruining your family's safe haven. Give us a call today and discuss your problems and how to get them fixed with a foundation contractor in Oakland, California today.