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Foundation Stabilization repairs misaligned and sticking doors in Bay Area, CaliforniaMisaligned and sticking doors are common problems that homeowners often ignore. These problems are usually blamed on something such as humidity and incorrect installation. Sometimes the homeowners try and fix the problem themselves, which can cause a much bigger mess than necessary. If you try this and start shaving off bits of your windows or doors, then you are doing nothing but hurting your doors and windows. When you do find that your doors or windows are sticking, it is better to just call a professional to figure out the problem. This helps prevent extra damage to your house. For all your foundation stabilization California needs, Bay Area Underpinning has you covered.

Misaligned and sticking doors are sometimes caused humidity, but most likely it is a foundation problem. It usually occurs when your home is suffering from a settling foundation. This is normally caused when the soil around your home is suffering from poor compaction of soil around your home when it was laid or it can settle naturally. If the soil is constantly shrinking and expanding due to the amount of water or moisture, then it can cause your home to shift unnaturally. This causes your home foundation walls to settle which causes cracks and other problems to arise. Not only does your foundation settle, but it can cause the upper layers of your home to shift as well. This is why your home's doors and window start to stick.

Bay Area Underpinning foundation professionals make it their number one priority to keep your satisfaction high. Our professionals know how to handle foundation problems such as sticking doors and windows so that it is handled to the best of our capability.

Misaligned and Sticking Door Solutions in the Bay Area, CA

steel piers repair misaligned and sticking doors in Bay Area, caIf you notice door problems in your home, contact Bay Area Underpinning immediately to determine the cause of your foundation issues. We'll locate the source of the problem and repair the issue before it gets worse.

The most common repair method is to install steel piers under the foundation. They are driven into the soil to support the foundation. Once the piers are installed, the structure's weight is transferred onto the piers so they can raise your home to its correct position. Our heavy duty steel piers are made from Earth Contact Products, the leading manufacturer in underpinning.

Another solution is helical piers. They are similar to steel piers except they are screwed into the soil instead of pushed in. Helical piers are used to support lightweight foundations. A torque anchor bracket, which is connected to the pier, helps close gaps around doors and windows.

Contact us today at Bay Area Underpinning and we can take care of your foundation problems. For all foundation needs in Bay Area, CA, we can find a solution for your home and your budget. Contact us today for a free estimate.