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In Mill Valley, CA, the climate is hot and dry during the summer and mild during the winter months. Because of these fluctuating weather conditions and the type of soil in California, homes are likely to encounter settlement over time. Leaning walls, wall cracks and sloping floors are just few indicators of foundation settlement.

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foundation repair and waterproofing in Mill Valley, CAIt is important to inspect your home's interior and exterior to look for other warning signs, such as:

  • Ceiling cracks
  • Wall cracks
  • Sloped and uneven floors
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Beam posts problems
  • Shifting or moving foundations
  • Crumbling, chipping or flaking foundations
  • Brick and masonry problems

If you have any of these signs, you may need foundation repair services. Ignoring these signs could result to costly repairs and further damage to your home's structure Contact Bay Area Underpinning right away for a repair solution that can reverse the foundation issues in your home and restore the foundation to its original condition.

Foundation Repair Solutions for Mill Valley, CA

Bay Area Underpinning offers foundation repair solutions for the residents in Mill Valley, CA. Our products include:

  • Resistance piers: Piers maintain a proper load bearing and stable footing. They are driven deep into the ground to stabilize and support the home's structure.
  • Push piers: Push piers repair settling foundations by supporting the structure's weight from unstable soils onto the piers.
  • Helical piers: Helical piers are driven deep into the ground to stabilize and support foundations. They are typically used for light structural loads.
  • Slab piers: Slab piers are used for homes built on concrete slab. Piers are installed deep into the soil to level and support the home by lifting the slab and foundation walls.

We also offer screw jack installation and replacement for sagging or sinking floors. Our foundation repair products will stabilize, support and level your foundation back to normal.

Do you notice a musty smell in your home? It may be caused by a wet, damp crawl space. Bay Area Underpinning offers vapor barriers for homes with damp or wet crawl spaces in the Mill Valley, CA area. We can install a vapor barrier to prevent further damage to your foundation and crawlspace. We'll look for the common signs of water damage in and around your crawlspace and find a foundation repair or vapor barrier solution to protect your home from moisture.

If you live in the Mill Valley area, contact Bay Area Underpinning for professional foundation repair services. Our products are made by Earth Contact Products, a reputable manufacturer in the foundation repair industry. Call us today for an estimate.