New Signs of Foundation Settlement?

Many older homes older than 40 years old generally begin to have a sloping floor. It is a common foundation problem that almost every home encounters. Often times many long-time owners just live with the sag in their home and may find that it adds character to the home, but for new or prospective owners sloped floors are considered a defect to be repaired. There are a number of causes to a sloping floor. If there is damage to the plate or joists of the house they can slope, and also floors may slope because of a settling foundation. In your home, you may experience sloping floors so foundation leveling Bay Area is something that you should check out. Our professionals at Bay Area Underpinning can find the problem in your foundation to stop the sloping. Bay Area Foundation Leveling When your home is experiencing a sloping floor it can be frustrating sometimes. It is not pleasing to the eye to see angled furniture and it can also cause stress to you if you have no idea what the cause is. You can call a professional to assess the situation to find out what is wrong and they can also let you know what would be involved if you would like it fixed. Foundation settlement can be a harmful thing to your whole house. Along with causing sloping floors, it can cause horizontal cracks, bowed walls, slab cracks, and leaning chimney. There are more things it can damage, but this is only a few. When you are dealing with a settling foundation make sure that you contact a professional to handle foundation leveling so that it can be taken care of properly the first time. You can contact the professionals at Bay Area Underpinning to handle your foundation leveling needs. Don’t hesitate to call so we can handle it as soon as possible.

Foundation settling is a problem that many homeowners face; one of the most common questions we hear is from homeowners wondering if their foundation is still moving. Sometimes they will say they had a soil engineer tell them that it had stopped settling years ago, but there are new cracks in the drywall that determines that’s a lie.

The best way to see if a foundation is still settling is to compare floor elevation surveys over several years. Most people will not have a previous set of floor elevations to compare. Crack monitors can also be installed on existing cracks and can be observed over time to see if there is any movement.

Whether the foundation is done settling or is still experiencing settlement it is not going to recover the lost elevation or fix itself on its own. In most cases, Earth Contact Products‘ resistance piers are a great option to recover lost elevation and stabilize the foundation from any further settlement.

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