So, is it safe to live in a house with foundation problems?

It’s hard to say without inspecting the house. However, many people live in houses with foundation problems without realizing it. Keep in mind that homes built properly are pretty sturdy. However, that doesn’t mean you should live in a house with foundation problems because foundation problems worsen over time.

The good news is that most foundation problems are repairable. However, all homeowners should be familiar with the warning signs of foundation trouble to catch issues early before they have a chance to turn into big structural problems.

In this article, we’re going to cover foundation settling, non-structural vs. structural foundation problems, signs your home might have a foundation issue, the cost of foundation repair, and finish up with some easy ways you can prevent foundation problems.

But, before we begin, we’d like to put your mind at ease by pointing out that…

Total foundation failures are very rare

Fortunately, total foundation failures – where a substantial part of the structure collapses – don’t happen often. When they do, they’re usually caused by something catastrophic like an earthquake, a flood, or heavy excavation close to the foundation. However, that doesn’t mean that you should let a foundation problem fester. As we just mentioned, foundation problems worsen over time and will be more expensive to repair if you wait.

3 foundation problems infographic

What foundation problems make a house unsafe to live in?

Although it’s rarely the case that a foundation problem makes a home unsafe to live in, it does happen now and then, almost always due to catastrophic circumstances. If this happens, you’ll know about it.

Here are a few potentially unsafe situations:

  • Foundation settling or sliding due to <