Has your home or business started to sink or settle? Signs of settlement might be obvious – significant foundation sinking, cracks in the foundation, sloping floors, structural damage. However, they might also be less obvious – wall or ceiling cracks, sticking doors or windows, or crawl space leaks. No matter how bad the symptoms are, a sinking foundation is very bad. If your home or business is sinking, it means your foundation has started to settle. Foundation settlement can cause cracks or gaps to form, leaving your home susceptible to water entry. Sinking foundations also mean that the structure above is no longer structurally sound. This can be dangerous to you and your family or you and your customers, as the walls or ceiling can eventually collapse and the floors can become uneven or sloped, creating a tripping hazard. If you notice signs of settlement in your building, you need to lift your foundation back to the proper level as soon as possible.

Can You Lift Your Own Foundation?

Lifting your home is a serious task that involves special equipment and requires experience. You should not attempt to lift your home or business structure on your own. If you do, you will probably only end up causing further damage to the home and foundation.

What you can do is examine your building for signs of foundation sinking and call an expert. Look for the following issues in your structure and call Bay Area Underpinning for professional foundation lifting if you see any:


  • Sinking or settling foundation – if the foundation looks uneven and certain areas of the building appear lower than others, there is a good chance it is due to foundation settlement.
  • Cracks – cracks in the exterior foundation or in the interior (the walls, ceiling, floor, etc.) can all be indicators of foundation settlement or shifting.
  • Sloped or uneven floors – If your floors are sloped or uneven, it may be due to a sinking foundation underneath. When the foundation settles unevenly, the floor above does the same.
  • Gaps and Spaces – If you see gaps and spaces between the walls and the floor or ceiling, they might have been caused by uneven settlement of your foundation.


  • Leakage – Has water been leaking into your home or business? Water can enter through cracks or gaps and spaces formed by settlement and may enter the building through first-floor cracks, gaps in second-floor walls, or gaps or cracks in the crawlspace.
  • Sticking windows or doors – If your windows or doors will not close or open properly, it could be because part of the foundation has settled, leaving the walls that house windows and doors uneven.

Check your home or your business regularly for these issues and call one of our contractors to provide you with a free quote for foundation lifting.

How Do You Lift a Foundation?

Here at Bay Area Underpinning, we offer a few different options to lift foundations. We specialize in various underpinning techniques as well as other repair options to lift and stabilize your home or business.


Resistance/Push Piers

Resistance piers, or push piers, are steel devices that are installed under the structure to provide support from below. These devices are driven into the ground until they reach stable soils that will not move. The piers are attached to your home with a bracket and anchored into these deep soils. The piers can then be lifted hydraulically to ensure that the structure is lifted to the proper level and stabilized. Our piers come from ECP, a top producer of steel foundation repair products in the country.


Helical Piers

Helical piers are similar to resistance piers – they are durable steel piers that are installed underground and lifted to raise and support residential and commercial structures. The difference between helical piers and steel piers is in how they are installed. Helical piers are screwed into the ground, while resistance piers are merely driven straight in. The installation process for helical piers gives them some added stability and makes for a very versatile solution.

Foundation Replacement

We also offer foundation replacement for foundations that are too damaged to be lifted or repaired. If your foundation shows signs of serious deterioration, major cracks, or is broken in multiple places, it may be time for a new foundation. Our team will temporarily stabilize your home or business and pour a new foundation that is able to support the weight of the structure and prevent structural damage and leaks.

Our team will examine your home and determine the best repair solution to lift your foundation. We will then provide you with a free quote and work so that you know what to expect before we begin working on your foundation. We also offer financing options so that you can get your foundation fixed without worrying about the full cost of the repairs right away. Call us today to learn more or if you are in need of foundation lifting!

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