When you have a settling foundation in your home, this can be a big problem for your foundation. A settling foundation can cause many damages in your home. If this is the case in your home, then you may not even know what the underlying problem is. The problems that you may see are just side effects of your settling foundation Bay Area. You will probably see wall cracks, sticking doors and windows, or sloping floors. As you begin to notice these indicators of foundation settlement it is important that you contact a professional contractor. They need to come in and assess the situation. The longer you wait to handle the problem, the more damage will occur in your home. Bay Area Underpinning can come in and handle the situation.

Settling Foundation Bay Area


There are three main causes of foundation settlement in your home; softening of your soil with moisture, poorly compacted soil, and the drying and shrinking of the soil. The first cause is mainly from heavy rains and flooding, poor drainage from a pond, or plumbing leaks and broken water lines. The second cause is because of the contractors who were in charge of building your home. If the soil was not properly compacted from the beginning, over time the home’s weight will settle into the soil which causes problems. The third is caused generally by the soil when it constantly changes back and forth from contracting and expanding. This is usually a seasonal problem from going between wet and dry seasons.

The professionals at Bay Area know how to handle foundation settlement in your home. They are proud installers of Earth Contact Products which are the leading manufacturers of steel foundation repair, waterproofing, and anchoring products in the industry today. Since they use state of the art equipment to handle your foundation repairs, your home is guaranteed a long-lasting fix to your settling foundation. Contact us as soon as possible to handle your foundation settlement.

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