Cracks in your walls are a big indicator that your home is undergoing a foundation problem. When you begin seeing cracks in your home’s wall, you need to be aware of the different kinds of cracks that occur. There are hairline cracks, vertical, diagonal, horizontal and stair-step cracks. Depending on the type of crack, they can vary in how much damage your home is undergoing. Most often when you start seeing cracks pop up in your home, you have had a problem for some time. The sooner you can contact a foundation crack repair specialist, like Bay Area Underpinning, the better your home will be. If foundation damage is left sitting, then more damage it will cause to your home.

California Foundation Crack Repair


It is very important to notice what type of crack you have in your home because they can mean different things. The cracks in your walls need to be watched and checked frequently to see if they have been growing wider or longer. They can be good indicators of foundation damage.

Hairline Cracks: These are generally harmless and are very common. When you see these it is still necessary to note any growth in them because if they start to grow they can become an issue.

Vertical Cracks: These are often caused by the shrinkage of concrete as it cures. They also can be caused as the foundation settles. A simple epoxy crack injection can handle these types of cracks.

Diagonal Cracks: This usually a fracture that grows over time that causes further damage to the foundation. This is usually fixed by first filling all the voids with a standard injection, then held together with staples.

Horizontal and Stair-step Cracks: These types of cracks are caused by serious movement in your foundation. This means your walls are susceptible to lateral pressure. If these cracks are not repaired they can lead to complete failure of the wall and can eventually snap the walls.

It is necessary to have a professional come in and take care of foundation cracks in your home so that the cause can be identified as well. Contact us at Bay Area Underpinning so we can set up an appointment and start the foundation crack repair.

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