Helical piers are a great choice to provide a deep foundation system for new construction and can provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete piers. With a detailed geotechnical report, helical piers can be designed to provide the support you need to keep your new structure from settling. Helical piers are very beneficial when it comes to choosing the correct piers for your new foundation. They can be installed in any season and installed quickly.

Installation of Helical Piers

Helical piers come in many different sizes and configurations, so a detailed soils report is used to engineer the piers in accordance with the load requirements set forth by the engineer. The helical pier is spun into the earth much like a giant screw, using a helical drive motor attached to a skid steer or a mini excavator. A smaller hand-held unit is sometimes used in hard to reach areas where the larger equipment can’t access. The piers are screwed into the ground until they hit the depth and/or torque requirement as directed by the geotechnical engineer.

Immediately after the helical piers are installed the prep work for the new foundation can be started. The helical piers are completed using a steel top plate that is poured into the new foundation. After the concrete is poured, your new foundation will now be supported on the new construction helical piers.

Benefits of Helical Piers

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