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Garage Sinking and Settling, signs of foundation failure in california home is undergoing foundation problems such as a sinking or settling garage, Bay Area Underpinning can help get your home back to normal. We understand that when you are dealing with foundation issues it can be stressful and annoying to deal with it all, so we would gladly be of service to you. If you start to notice that when you pull into the garage and feel your car drop a bit, then it may be time to have a professional come and look at your home. Generally, when there is any kind of foundation settlement whether it is your home or your garage it is due to poorly compacted, eroded or expansive soils that expand and shrink with the changes in water content in the soil. Another thing that you may find notable is when you pull into the garage after a hard rain, the rain on your car drains into a spot in the floor that may be lower than the rest where it has sunk. When you find this, it is a definite sign that you could have larger foundation problems in the future if you do not get it taken care of.

It is important to inspect your garage to look for signs of settlement, such as wall cracks, floor cracks, gaps around windows, or cracking foundations. So what causes garage foundation problems? Most structural problems in the garage are due to settling or shifting foundations. Foundation movement occurs when the soil under the foundation shifts. The most common problems are caused by the following:

  • Hydrostatic pressure: The soil around the foundation absorbs too much water, creating pressure against the foundation. This leads to cracks and shifting.
  • Soil erosion: Excess groundwater in the soil causes the soil to wash away. This creates voids and cavities under the foundation.
  • Trees and shrubs: Maturing trees and shrubs that are planted too close to the foundation may cause the roots to push on the foundation. This creates heaving and shifting as the roots search for water.
  • Poor soil compaction: Improperly compacted soil during new construction can lead to settlement over time. 

Solutions for Sinking and Settling Garages in California

settling and sinking garage repairs for garages in sacrament, caThe best way to support your sinking and settling garage is to implement a process called underpinning. Underpinning uses piering products to raise and level your garage foundation. The most common underpinning method includes steel piers. Steel piers are driven deep into the soil until they reach suitable soil, then the weight of the structure is transferred onto the piers. This stabilizes and lifts the foundation to prevent future settlement.

Another method we offer is helical pier installation. Just like steel piers, helical piers are used the same way except they are not driven into the soil. These piers are mechanically screwed deep into the ground. A steel foundation bracket is attached to the piers, then the weight of the home is transferred onto the piers. They are often applied to lightweight structures, or challenging soil conditions.

Regardless of what is causing your sinking and settling garage, we can repair your settling garage. Contact Bay Area Underpinning as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more complicated and expensive repairs will be. Our foundation repair professionals know what they are doing when they come to inspect your foundation issue. We use underpinning products made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leading manufacturer in foundation repair.

If you call Bay Area Underpinning we can give you a free estimate when we inspect the place. When we come and inspect the area, we check where the floor of the garage meets the wall, we check the way your garage door meets the floor, and for cracks in the columns and the floor of your garage. When we determine the degree of the problem from these symptoms we will let you know how large your foundation problem may be.

Contact Bay Area Underpinning today so that we can help deal with your foundation problems as soon as possible.