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Foundation shifting, moving repair in Bay Area, CA by Bay Area UnderpinningFoundation shifting and moving can be a subtle change and may go unnoticed in your Bay Area home or business. It can be a serious problem that can lead to foundation failure. Some of the most common causes of foundation shifting and moving include:

  • Soil saturation - periods of heavy rain can saturate the soil and cause it to heave. This will put pressure on the foundation causing it to shift and move.
  • Deterioration due to age - concrete is a durable material, however, over time it deteriorates, leading to your foundation shifting and settling.
  • Maturing plants - when trees and bushes are placed too closely to your home, their root system underneath the foundation will soak the moisture from beneath it causing voids. This leads to the foundation to fall into these voids causing shifting and movement of your foundation.
  • Inadequate compaction - if your home or business was constructed without adequate compaction, this will cause your foundation to shift over time.

The shifting and movement of your foundation can lead to many other problems in your Bay Area home or business. Knowing what to look for can help you get your foundation repaired before it becomes a bigger issue. The professionals at Bay Area Underpinning can help if you find any of the signs of foundation failure. Some of these signs are:

If you see any of these signs that your foundation has shifted or moved, contact Bay Area Underpinning.

Foundation Shifting Solutions for the Bay Area in California

Bay Area Underpinning uses underpinning for foundation repair in the Bay Area. These products include steel push piers and helical piers. These piers are driven deep into the soil until they reach a more stable bedrock. Then the entire structure is lifted onto these piers to lift and stabilize the foundation back to its original position. The products we use for underpinning are the best in the industry, manufactured by Earth Contact Products (ECP). We guarantee our products and our work.

Push piers are an end-bearing pier, which means that they do not rely on any type of friction to produce support. Each pier is load tested before being installed to assure that they meet all standards and will produce the support needed. Helical piers are similar to a large screw and are driven mechanically into the ground to a deep, stable soil layer. Once they reach the capacity location, a steel foundation bracket is installed and attached to the piers. Then the weight of the structure is transferred onto the piers and onto the stable soils below. This will ensure that no future shifting or movement will occur  to your home or business.

Don't hesitate to contact the professionals at Bay Area Underpinning at the first sign of foundation shifting or moving in your Bay Area home. The longer the repair is put off, the more damage that will occur to your home or business. We have the experience and use the best products available for foundation repair. Contact us today!