Find a Permanent Solution to Your Foundation Settlement

Your Foundation Settlement

What Is Foundation Settlement?

You may be experiencing unlevel or sloped floors, cracks in your walls or doors sticking. These can all be signs of foundation settling. You are not alone as foundation settlement is a common problem in California

It’s very common for a foundation to settle into the soil slightly after it’s built. This is usually no cause for concern so long as the settlement is uniform. The problems start when the settlement is differential. With differential settlement the foundation is settling into the soil unevenly… Causing some unsightly things to happen around the home such as door sticking, windows not closing, sloping floors, and cracks. See the infographic below for more information:

Foundation settlement can be very frustrating, especially with the expansive soils found all around the Bay Area, as the active soils change with the seasons, heaving in the winter as the soil retains the water and then retracting in the summer as that water evaporates. Most residential foundations are constructed with shallow foundations leaving the home very susceptible to this ground movement.

What Causes Foundation Settlement?

The main causes of foundation settlement include the following:
Poor Drainage
Foundation Settlement

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Signs of Foundation Settlement

Common signs of foundation settlement include:

How to Resolve Foundation Settlement

A deep foundation system such as resistance piers/push piers, helical piers or concrete drilled piers are in most cases the best way to provide you a permanent solution to foundation settlement. They work by installing piers along your existing foundation extending down to bedrock or load bearing strata, ensuring your home’s foundation is supported on stable material.

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Here at Bay Area Underpinning we provide in-house engineering to provide you with the most cost effective solution. With our wide variety of piering and foundation solutions, we are able to design the correct repair for your home.