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There are many different layers of soil underneath your home. They all have different density, thickness, and characteristics. There are soils there that have been there probably over a thousand years. These soils got there from wind, water, and glaciers and of course contractors as you built your new home. The professionals at Bay Area Underpinning know how to handle these and have experience with them.

Foundation sinking and settlement begins to happen when your soils underneath your home can no longer support your homes weight. This can happen in three ways:

  1. Softening of the soils with moisture - Heavy rain and flooding, poor drainage (water ponds by foundation), and plumbing leaks or broker water lines.

    Wetting And Softening Of Soil
    Heavy Rain & Flooding: When clay soils contact water, they hold on to it and become very soft. This soft soils is not good load-bearing soil, and heavy objects will sink down into it.

    Poor Drainage: If water is allowed to "pond" next to the home due to poor soil grading, clogged gutters, or some other factor, the soils will absorb the water. If the soils around the home are clay, then they will soften, and the home may sink.

    Plumbing Leaks & Broken Water Lines:
    Plumbing leaks under or around a home can also saturate the soils around a home, and potentially weaken their load-bearing capacity.

  2. Poorly compacted soil

    Making a level surface to erect your home brings builders into play. They may by accident bring in loose soil from other locations to fill in and make the foundation level. This is okay as long as the builder properly compacts the soils before the foundation is laid. If this isn't done then or not done properly the weight of your home can cause your soil to compress, leading to settlement.

  3. Drying and shrinking of soils

    There are two ways this can happen:

    Mature Trees: You may have a mature tree in front of your house that has roots twice the size of it's visibility. If your tree extends over your house that also means that it is under your house as well! These mature tree that soak up many gallons of water a day causing your soils to shrink big time and then settlement occurs.

    Drought: Another scenario when you have dry periods. The soil around your home starts to dry. If you have clay soils underneath your home they will significantly dry out and shrink. This will cause your soil to begin settling. Structural damage is then underway.

Solutions for Foundation Settlement in the Bay Area, CA

If the soil underneath your foundation causes settlement issues in your home, contact Bay Area Underpinning today. We offer concrete and foundation repair services with underpinning piers and poly foam injection to level and stabilize your foundation. Our services include foundation lifting, foundation leveling, floor leveling, and foundation stabilization. We stop settling foundations in California.

To lift, level and stabilize your home back to its original level, we use ECP steel piers and helical piers. Steel piers are pushed deep into the ground until they reach stable soil to support the structure's weight. The piers lift the foundation back to its normal level.

Helical piers, similar to steel piers, are designed to support and stabilize sinking foundations. They are screwed into the ground, then a foundation bracket is connected to the piers. The structure's weight is transferred onto the piers, preventing settlement.

Slab piers can also be used to stabilize and support settling concrete slabs. These piers are a unique type of resistance piers that are applied to residential homes and commercial buildings. These piers are installed deep into stable soil to lift concrete slab and interior walls.  They will permanently restore your foundation and increase your home's property value.

Repairing your settling foundation prevents further damage such as walls cracks, basement seepage, bowing walls and other foundation issues. Our team of experts will make home safe for many years to come. Contact us today so we can handle all your foundation needs in the Sacramento and Bay Area, CA area. We provide free estimates.