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Is the crawl space under your home full of moisture? Is it dark, damp and musty smelling? If so, then it is probably filled with growing mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can lead to an unhealthy living environment for you and your family. This issue needs to be addressed and resolved quickly for the sake of your family and home. If it is not resolved, then you and your family could be at risk for many health problems over time.Damp Crawl Space Recovery CA

There are many symptoms of moisture being present in your crawl space:

  • Musty odors in the living areas
  • Condensation on air conditioning ductwork or equipment
  • Condensation on insulation, water pipes
  • Buckled hardwood floors
  • High humidity in the living area
  • Insect infestations
  • Rot in wooden framing

In most cases, the problems show up during humid spring and summer days. This does not, however, mean that they are not present and causing damage all year. When you are experiencing moisture issues, you normally think to call the heating and air conditioning repair man first. But these mold problems are not the result of an air conditioner failure.

Damp Crawlspace Crack RepairThe most common causes of moisture problems include:

  • Water Intrusion: Water enters the crawl space from rain runoff flowing towards the house. Water entry can also be caused by clogged gutters or lack of downspouts.
  • Excess Ground Moisture: This occurs when the soil beneath the home has a high water table and flood plane. Ground moisture is prevalent in most dirt crawl spaces.
  • Foundation Cracks: Cracks in your foundation can cause water leaks in your crawl space.
  • Landscaping: Trees planted too close cause foundation settlement and cracks that let water inside the crawl space.
  • Plumbing Leaks: Leaks in the plumbing can also contribute to damp crawl spaces Repair all plumbing leaks to avoid water puddles and standing water.

The problem is due to poor ventilation and moisture control in the crawl space of your home. It has been long said that the best way to vent your home is with outside air. More recent studies are showing that humid air coming into your ventilation system actually creates a bigger moisture problem. Contractors are turning to a new method of waterproofing for your crawl space. It is a system that uses no outside vents, has a water drainage system, and a ground vapor barrier that has improved moisture control and is energy efficient. Fortunately, Bay Area Underpinning specializes in installation of this new crawl space recovery system.

Crawl Space Recovery Solutions in the Bay Area, CA

Crawl Space Recovery Bay AreaThe first line of defense for your crawl space is installing a vapor barrier. This will control the high humidity and poor air quality that is in your home. The poly crawl space encapsulation barriers are made of a thick, puncture resistant, high tensile strength material that stops moisture from the soil from entering. It ranges from 10-20 mil thick. When we install this vapor barrier, we can continue it up on to the foundation walls to ensure a permanent vapor barrier that will block out most water and vapors and result in a healthier home for you and your family.

If you have a basement that has more major moisture issues, you will also need to install a sump pump and drainage system. This will remove water so that it does not seep into the liner. Sump pump installation needs to be completed before the installation of the vapor barrier.

After you have completed the first two steps, the third and final step is to dehumidify the crawl space and seal any exterior vents. By sealing up the area, you are stopping any humid air from entering the space from outside and creating more moisture. When this humid air settles in an area, it causes condensation and promotes the growth of mold and mildew. Many recent studies show that sealing up the vents to the exterior will give you a much more efficient home.

When Bay Area comes out to survey the damages, we will also survey the structure of the framed area above your San Francisco, CA area crawl space. If there is significant damage from the moisture, we will install support piers which give reinforcement to the joists and floor beams. These piers are called helical piers and are installed into the foundation of your home. The pier is specially installed into machinery and is spun into the ground like a screw into a board. This stabilizes and spreads the weight of the foundation over a greater area making the foundation stronger.