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crawl spaceCrawl spaces are used in many buildings as a way to access certain points under the structure for maintenance and repairs to plumbing, cable and telephone lines. Crawl spaces elevate the house off of the ground which helps to keep the structure out of the reach of flood waters as opposed to a basement or slab foundation. They also help to reduce some insect infestations including termites and ants and are less expensive than building a basement. While the these advantages are present, crawl spaces also have many disadvantages.

The major problem associated with crawl spaces is too much humidity due to excessive rainfall. Crawl space moisture produces mold and mildew which can go unnoticed for a long time. The mold and mildew can cause serious problems to the flooring above, which can also have negative effects to the whole structure. As mold and mildew grows it spreads and can destroy the wood framing of the structure. Mold and mildew also cause diseases and allergies which presents a harmful, unhealthy home environment.

Crawl spaces are an important part of the home that is often ignored, but they can have a major impact upon your home. At Bay Area Underpinning, our team of experts can solve all your crawl space issues. We'll inspect your home for signs of moisture and structural issues to prevent water damage in your Bay Area home.  

Crawl Space Solutions in the Bay Area

crawl space repair for damaged wood joists in caProper crawl space sealing can eliminate moisture damage.  Bay Area Underpinning will perform a crawl space inspection to determine if it is the cause of your waterproofing problems. Our professionals will inspect the perimeter walls of the crawl space noting the position of any cracks, seeps, stains and unsealed joints.  We will also inspect the area for standing water. Upper level inspections should also be considered to confirm any leaks that may already be identified, and for leaks that were not visible from above.

To eliminate water damage, we offer crawl space encapsulation. This method involves the use of a vapor barrier to control humidity levels. A vapor barrier is made of a thick 10-20 mil thick material that stops moisture from entering the crawl space.  The advantages to installing a vapor barrier includes:

  • Controls moisture and humidity levels
  • Reduces heating and cooling costs
  • Provides insulation
  • Improves air quality
  • Prevent changes in temperature that causes condensation

If your crawl space has rotten wood or sinking supports, we offer screw jacks to repair and lift sagging floors. Screw jacks are a permanent, cost-effective repair solution. They can be installed in tight areas for vertical and horizontal support. Screw jacks offer the following advantages:

  • Lifts sagging floors
  • Re-levels house floors
  • Cost-effective
  • Corrosion resistant steel
  • Stabilizes and supports sinking floors
  • Adjustable support system

Contact Bay Area Underpinning if you need professional crawl space repair in the Sacramento and San Jose, CA areas. We'll straighten and support your sagging, damp floors.