Crawl Space Repair Woodside CA

Crawl Space Repair Woodside, CA

Looking for crawl space repair in Woodside, CA? If so, you’re in the right place. Bay Area Underpinning has been offering crawl space foundation repair in Woodside since 2005.

Your home’s crawl space has a lot to do with its structural integrity. This includes providing your building the support it needs to make it last for generations to come.

However, with time, your crawl space can become damaged for various reasons. We recommend having your crawl space inspected regularly and performing repairs as and when required. Bay Area Underpinning is an experienced crawl space repair company in Woodside CA, helping homeowners with their crawl space-related troubles.

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Crawl Space Repair Woodside CA

Your home’s crawl space can start to sag from poor drainage around the exterior of your home or insufficient support for the floor during initial construction. When you notice your crawl space sagging, it is a surefire sign that your building is in trouble, which means you need to seek professional crawl space repair in Woodside CA as soon as possible.

Crawl space repair experts in Woodside CA from Bay Area Underpinning use screw jacks to repair sagging crawl spaces. The existing deteriorated screw jacks will be removed and replaced with new ones of the same size and weight capacity, thus providing the support your building needs. This then enables them to lift and level the sagging floor.

Common Signs of Crawl Space Failure – Crawl Space Repair Woodside CA

Some of the most common signs of crawl space failure are:

  • Uneven floors
  • Spongy floor
  • Foundation cracks
  • Floor and wall cracks
  • Misaligned doors and windows
  • Increased indoor humidity
  • Condensation
  • Wood rot
  • Rodent infestation
  • Foul smell in the crawl space
  • Higher energy bills
  • High moisture level in the crawl space

Other Services Offered by Bay Area Underpinning in Woodside, CA

As a reliable crawl space repair service provider in Woodside, CA, Bay Area Underpinning fixes the following issues, and more:

Sticking Doors
One of the most common indicators of foundation damage is sticking and misaligned doors. This is one of the first signs you will notice with foundation settlement.

If your doors have started to get stuck, it is a sign that your foundation needs help from foundation repair professionals in Woodside, CA. At Bay Area Underpinning, we correct foundation settlement with deep-driven piers like push piers or helical piers under your foundation.

The piers get driven deep down to the load-bearing strata, which helps attain a firm footing for your foundation. Once this is done, the foundation and floors can be leveled, thus enabling your doors to move easily again.

Leaning Chimney
A fireplace pulling away from the house is another common problem encountered, especially in older homes. This is one problem that has to be addressed at the earliest.

As your fireplace starts to lean, it begins pulling on the nearby structure, and you will find cracks forming on the interior walls or in the masonry. Attending to this problem promptly can help you prevent expensive additional work.

To repair a leaning chimney, our foundation repair experts in Woodside, CA, perform fireplace underpinning. This process involves using two to four push piers or helical piers that can help lift and relevel your fireplace back to its original position.

Bouncy/Spongy Floor Repair
Do your floors feel bouncy or spongy when you walk on them? This condition can be caused by many factors, including:

  • foundation settlement
  •  under-engineered interior floors
  • poor drainage installation
  • joists that aren’t able to support the floors

Before the problem worsens, it’s essential to have the necessary repairs done by crawl space repair and foundation repair professionals in Woodside, CA.

Bay Area Underpinning – Service Area

Bay Area Underpinning’s crawl space repair services are available in and around Woodside, CA. To know the other areas we serve, visit our Service Area page.

Why Choose Us?

Bay Area Underpinning is a leading service provider of crawl space and foundation repairs in and around Woodside, CA. Our crawl space repair experts have years of experience handling crawl space repairs of all kinds, and they deliver the perfect results every single time. When you choose Bay Area Underpinning as your crawl space repair company in Woodside, CA, you are guaranteed top-notch service. Call us today!

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