Crawl Space Repair Pittsburg CA

Crawl Space Repair Pittsburg CA

Looking for crawl space repair in Pittsburg CA? If so, you’re in the right place!

Your crawl space doesn’t need to be a dark, creepy place. If maintained properly, you can use your home’s crawl space for storing things like holiday decorations or other items you rarely use. Contact Bay Area Underpinning’s crawl space foundation repair experts in Pittsburg CA today for more information.

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Crawl Space Repair Pittsburg CA

Sagging crawl spaces are pretty common and the signs are often overlooked. Crawl spaces sag for various reasons including:

  • Improper installation of the existing screw jacks along with no corrosion protection
  • Problematic soils have caused the crawl space support posts to settle
  • Not enough support for the floor

Whatever the cause of the sagging crawl space, we have repair solutions that will lift and level the floor.

Common Indications of Crawl Space Problems – Crawl Space Repair Pittsburg CA

Here are some signs your home’s crawl space might be in trouble:

  • Floor cracks
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Drywall cracks
  • Sloping floors
  • Wood rot
  • High levels of moisture
  • Condensation
  • Misaligned doors and windows
  • Floor joist issues
  • Musty smelling crawl space
  • Rodent infestation
  • Floors feeling spongy when walked on
  • Water problems

Other Services Offered by Bay Area Underpinning in Pittsburg CA

Foundation Repair
Unlevel foundations and sloping floors are common in many homes, and these conditions require professional foundation repair services in Pittsburg CA.

Foundation repair is performed via underpinning and is minimally-invasive. In most cases, only a section of the foundation will have settled, which means our experts will work on only that problem area. They will perform small excavations in the affected area and install piers along the foundation. Once the piers are in place, the foundation gets lifted and leveled using a synchronized hydraulic lifting system.

Partial Foundation Replacement
Bay Area Underpinning’s expert team in Pittsburg, CA can also perform partial foundation replacements, which are done quickly with minimal disturbance to the occupants. This means you can continue to live in your home as we install the foundation.

Bay Area Underpinning – Service Area

Bay Area Underpinning offers its crawl space repair services in Pittsburg CA and the surrounding area. You can view a complete list of the areas we serve on our Service Area page.

Why Choose Bay Area Underpinning?

Bay Area Underpinning is the leading provider of crawl space repair and foundation repair services in and around Pittsburg CA, and many other areas around Northern California. All the services and solutions we offer are efficient, long-lasting, and cost-effective. Call us today with any questions you might have or to schedule an inspection.

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