Crawl Space Repair Cameron Park CA

Crawl Space Repair Cameron Park CA

If you’re looking for crawl space repair in Cameron Park, don’t hit that back button. You’re right where you need to be. Bay Area Underpinning has been repairing crawl spaces in Cameron Park since 2005. If you have a crawl space problem, we can help!

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Crawl Space Repair Cameron Park CA

Sagging crawl spaces are pretty common in Northern California. Sagging happens for various reasons including:

  • Poor drainage around the property’s exterior leading to water intrusion into the crawl space. As a result, the soil supporting the pier blocks begins to soften.
  • Problematic soils have caused the interior crawl space support posts to settle.
  • There is not enough support for the floor.
  • Improper screw jack installation and without corrosion protection.

To repair a sagging crawl space, Cameron Park CA crawl space repair experts from Bay Area Underpinning use screw jacks in different sizes and weight capacities. As soon as the deteriorated screw jacks are replaced, the floor can be lifted and leveled.

Signs of Crawl Space Issues – Crawl Space Repair Cameron Park CA

Homeowners should learn how to identify the most common signs of crawl space issues. Problems caught early cost less to repair. Some things to watch out for include:

  • Water damage
  • Insect infestation
  • Wood rot
  • Condensation
  • Increased moisture level in the living space
  • Increased energy bills
  • Foundation and floor cracks
  • Drywall cracks
  • Sloping floors
  • Misaligned doors and windows
  • Floors feeling spongy when walked on
  • Rodent infestation
  • Musty smelling crawl space
  • Floor joist problems

Bay Area Underpinning – Other Available Services

Resistance Push Pier Installation
If you are facing foundation settlement problems in your home, heavy duty steel resistance piers – widely known as “push piers” – can help. Galvanized steel brackets will be fixed to the bottom of your foundation. The push piers will then be driven through the brackets until they reach load-bearing soil. Once all the piers are ready, the foundation can be lifted and leveled.

Foundation Leveling
Unlevel foundations and sloping floors are common problems faced by homeowners, and when this happens, the most recommended solution is foundation underpinning. Fortunately, in most cases, only a section of the foundation will have settled. Therefore, only the affected area will be lifted.

Foundation leveling is done by making small excavations along the foundation (only in the affected area). Once the piers are in place, the foundation can be lifted and leveled with the help of a synchronized hydraulic lifting system.

Bay Area Underpinning – Service Area

Crawl space foundation repair services from Bay Area Underpinning are available in and around Cameron Park CA, and many other areas in Northern California. To view a complete list of the areas we serve, visit our Service Area page.

Why Choose Us?

Founded in 2005, Bay Area Underpinning offers cost-effective and long-lasting solutions for crawl space and foundation problems throughout Northern California. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection and get a repair estimate.

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