Crawl Space Repair American Canyon CA

Crawl Space Repair American Canyon, CA

If you’re looking for professional crawl space repair in American Canyon, CA, you’ve landed on the right page. At Bay Area Underpinning we’ve been fixing crawl spaces in American Canyon since 2005. Contact us today for a free inspection and repair estimate.

Bay Area Underpinning is a BBB A+ rated foundation repair contractor offering a wide range of foundation repair services in American Canyon and throughout Northern California.

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Crawl Space Repair American Canyon, CA

Crawl Space Foundation Repair
Neglecting your home’s crawl space could lead to structural damage and expensive repairs. Two main causes of crawl space foundation issues are:

  • There aren’t enough support posts in the crawl space to support the building’s weight.
  • The support posts that are in place are starting to sink due to weak soil.

Bay Area Underpinning has a variety of repair solutions available for crawl space foundations. We can lift and level a sagging crawl space (a common problem) in no time flat. Contact us today.

Common Signs of Crawl Space Issues – Crawl Space Repair American Canyon, CA

Homeowners should be on the lookout for the following common signs of crawl space issues. Problems spotted early are less expensive to fix:

  • Floor and foundation cracks
  • Drywall cracks
  • Misaligned doors and windows
  •  Sloping floors
  • Wood rot
  • Condensation
  • High moisture level in the crawl space
  • Increased humidity in the home’s living area
  • Mold and mildew formation
  • Rodent infestation

Bay Area Underpinning – Other Services Offered in American Canyon, CA

Foundation Repair
Over time, foundations can settle into the soil. This is pretty common. However, sometimes the settlement becomes significant enough to cause serious foundation trouble. In these cases, underpinning with piers – a minimally-invasive repair method – can be used to lift and level the foundation.

Uneven Concrete Repair with Poly Foam Injection
Uneven concrete slabs around your home are a liability. If someone trips and gets injured, you could find yourself facing a lawsuit.

Concrete settles for various reasons, including poor compaction, poor drainage, invasive tree roots, and poor site conditions. Poly foam injection is a quick, minimally-invasive, and long-lasting solution to this problem. The repair process involves injecting polyurethane foam underneath the affected concrete in order to lift and level the slab.

Bay Area Underpinning – Service Area

Bay Area Underpinning offers expert crawl space repair services in American Canyon, CA, and the surrounding area. Our services are also available in many other areas around Northern California. You can view a complete list of those areas on our Service Area page.

Why Call Bay Area Underpinning for Crawl Space Repair in American Canyon, CA?

When you have crawl space or foundation problems in your American Canyon, CA home, you can trust Bay Area Underpinning. We have an entire team of crawl space repair experts who have solved different types of crawl space issues over the years. Call us today for a free inspection!

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