Cracks Around Windows & Doors

Fix Your Drywall Cracks For the Last Time

You don’t have to live with cracks in your walls, around your windows or in your ceiling. These are all signs of foundation movement.

Are Cracks Around Windows And Doors Normal?

Definitely not. Cracks around windows and doors – especially diagonal cracks that extend from the corners toward the ceiling or floor – are a telltale sign your home’s foundation may be experiencing settlement. If you see such cracks that have continued to expand and grow, contact us right away if you are a homeowner to schedule your FREE foundation evaluation.

What Causes Cracks Around Doors And Windows?

Cracks around doors and windows are usually caused by differential settlement. That is, when the foundation is settling into the ground unevenly. This could be near the front of the home, back of home, and garage door. See the illustration below for the difference between uniform settlement – which is pretty normal (most home’s will experience movement with the soil from time to time – and differential settlement. Differential settlement can put a lot of stress on a foundation and can cause severe structural damage if it’s not corrected. 

foundation settlement

Check out a Foundation Inspection with Project Estimator Daniel Stamos as he talks briefly about tapered back sliding door sticking, and what that means for this homeowner!

Lifting Your Foundation

The visual results of foundation settlement can be quite bothersome. Most homeowners don’t realize immediately that foundation movement is the culprit causing the cracks in the home. Most people will just patch the cracks and then find out that it was just a temporary fix as they reappear a short time later. Over time, these cracks can appear to get worse as the seasons come and go.

Once you have your foundation inspected and a repair plan is put in place, then you are one step closer to resolving your problem with cracks around your windows and doors. Using resistance piers or helical piers driven deep into the soil to load bearing stratum, your foundation can be lifted and leveled, stabilizing your foundation so you can repair your settlement cracks and not worry about them opening and closing with the seasons anymore.

Results You Can Rely On

At Bay Area Underpinning, we pride ourselves on getting it right the first time, and educating our customers in making the right foundation repair choice. We do a thorough inspection and provide you with a cost effective solution to repair your foundation.


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