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Don't Let a Damaged Porch Trip You Up

Solving Cracked Stoop and Porch Problems with Helical PiersA porch is a comfortable and relaxing space for you and your family to spend time together during beautiful weather. When your porch starts to have problems such as cracks or the stoop starts to settle, you need to call a professional to deal with the issue. The professionals at Bay Area Underpinning can be of service to you when you need porch or stoop repair.

Dealing with a cracked or sagging porch can be a real issue with your home. When this is the problem with your porch it lowers the value of your home and it creates a danger for anyone using it. This is a liability for you as a homeowner. These issues are not only a problem in themselves, but they can also be a sign of a larger problem altogether. It could be indicating there is an issue with a concrete slab or foundation. Also, it could be a sign of soil problems such as poor compaction, erosion or expansive soils that expand and shrink due to the water levels in the soil around the foundation. You may want to check that your gutters and downspouts are properly draining the water away from your home, waterproofing is key in maintaining a healthy home. It needs to be a safe distance away so that there is no standing water to cause soil separation around the foundation of your home.

Cracked Stoop and Porch Repair Solutions in Sacramento, CA

cracked stoop and porch repair for homes in caThe most common foundation repair service provided for a cracked stoop and porch is helical pier installation. Bay Area Underpinning foundation professionals will efficiently install ECP helical piers to stabilize your home's porch structure. The footing is exposed and prepped for the bracket. After the bracket is secured to the footing, steel pier sections are driven through it to reach the bedrock. The weight of the structure is transferred onto the piers to load-bearing strata. The foundation is raised and leveled.

Helical piers offer the following benefits for cracked stoops and porches:

  • Lifts the structure back to its normal position
  • No digging required
  • Quick installation
  • Permanently restores the foundation
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Galvanized steel helps protect it against corrosion
  • Installed year-round
  • Reaches greater depth than other repair solutions
  • Non-invasive equipment is used

When you call Bay Area Underpinning we can determine whether or not that there is a problem with just your porch or if the problem is something bigger than that. With our trained professional our number one priority is your satisfaction. We want to help you out so that your home is back to its original state. We understand that your home is one of the largest and most important investments and we will make sure that your home will not be damaged by more foundation problems. Call us today at Bay Area Underpinning to get a free estimate today.