Foundation Crack Repair in CA

Chances are if you own a home in the San Francisco area, you’ve noticed a crack or two somewhere in your home. Maybe there are branching cracks radiating throughout your basement floors, or maybe there are thick horizontal cracks throughout your bowing walls. No matter what kind of cracks you may have in your foundation or basement, all homeowners have one thing in common: they want them gone. Cracks in your home are an unsightly nuisance, serving as a blemish on your perfectly decorated home. But they can also endanger your home by allowing unwanted water to come into your home and destroy your possessions. If you’ve got cracks in your home, you’re in need of foundation crack repair in California.

What Causes Cracks?


Cracks are caused by many different things. Excess water in the soil around your foundation could be putting too much pressure on the walls, causing them to crack, bow, or lean. Or your foundation could be sinking or settling. Foundations naturally settle over time, but poorly compacted soil causes the foundation to sink even further. This uneven surface causes cracks, along with sticking doors or windows, water in your basement or crawl space, and bowing or leaning walls. All of these problems scream for some foundation crack repair in California. Don’t assume that none of these problems are connected and leave them to correct themselves. Timely repairs could save you money, time, and heartache in the future.

Crack Repair Services

Luckily for San Francisco homeowners, there are many available services that can repair foundation cracks. Steel or helical piers are often inserted to correct the sinking of your foundation and create a more solid, stable foundation for your home. These are inserted with little hassle to you and can correct a variety of your foundation problems. Other repairs, such as underpinning, can be done on a case-by-case basis. Your home may also be in need of basement waterproofing because the cracks in your foundation allowed too much water into your home.

For all of your foundation crack repair in California needs, contact Bay Area Underpinning. We have been serving the San Francisco area and creating happy customers for years.

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