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Cracks that occur in crawl spaces or other concrete surfaces need to be filled in order to maintain the home's structure and prevent water leaks. That's why the team at Bay Area Underpinning offers the perfect concrete repair solution - crack injections. We use epoxy and polyurethane injection resins to seal cracks and prevent air leaks in your crawl space walls. Both materials are designed to fill in cracks while creating a secure barrier around your home. This method also prevents water and insects from entering through small cracks.

Epoxy Injections: A Concrete Crack Repair Solution in the Bay Area

crack injection for wall cracks in bay area caEpoxy injection was once used to weld cracked concrete walls, but today it is used as a permanent foundation repair method for residential structures as well. It creates a strong bond in just a few hours, and return the wall to its original strength.

Epoxy injections offers the following benefits:

  • Prevents air and water leaks
  • Lowers humidity and moisture levels
  • Reduces water vapor permeation
  • Meets ASTM C881 Standards
  • Restores structural strength and foundation walls
  • Permanently fixes foundation cracks
  • Welds concrete surfaces

Polyurethane Foam Injection: A Concrete Crack Repair in San Jose, CA

Polyurethane foam injection is designed to fill active leaking walls and wider cracks. It also helps seal pipes, fill in voids and other penetrations. After polyurethane foam is injected into the affected concrete, the foam expands inside the crack. It creates a barrier against water entry so it will remain outside of the crawl space wall. Because polyurethane foam is flexible, it can move with the walls during soil expansion and contraction.

Polyurethane foam injection offers the following benefits:

  • Eliminates leaks
  • Lowers humidity levels
  • Reduces water vapor permeation
  • Blocks air leaks
  • Seals foundation walls
  • Can be completed from inside
  • Expands 20 times greater than original volume
  • Permanent, flexible and secure seal

The Crack Injection Installation Process for Bay Area Homes in CA

The crack injection installation process of both systems are quick, yet effective.

  1. Injection ports are installed 8" to 10" apart based on the wall thickness.
  2. Crack paste is used to seal the cracked surface.
  3. Resin is injected through the port into the void by using an adjustable low pressure injection machine or hand dispenser.
  4. The ports are sealed.
  5. The ports are removed after the resin is cured.

Crack injections can be used for commercial as well as residential applications. Our experts are trained to inspect your concrete wall cracks before we make the necessary repairs. We'll locate the source to eliminate the problem for good. For quality concrete injection repairs, contact Bay Area Underpinning today. We offer free estimates for every project in the San Jose, Sacramento, and Oakland, CA area.