If you live on a hillside and are experiencing foundation movement such as stuck doors, sloped floors or small cracks forming in your drywall there is a good chance that you have some foundation movement.

Experiencing & Repairing Lateral Movement

Foundation settlement comes in many different forms. If you live on a hillside or some type of slope, the property is more susceptible to soil creep. As the seasons come and go the soil migrates downhill and can cause settlement and lateral movement with your foundation.

With foundation underpinning there is not a one size fits all type of solution. Foundation movement on a slope usually requires drilled cast-in-place concrete piers that are drilled into bedrock to stabilize the foundation. The holes are drilled into the bedrock and then large steel reinforcement cages are placed in the holes and attached to the foundation. Concrete is then placed in the hole and the pier is complete.

Engineered results

A geotechnical engineer is usually consulted with hillside foundation repairs to ensure that the repair is engineered correctly. We work with many different geotechnical engineers and would be happy to provide you a recommendation. Our in-house engineers work with your geotechnical engineer to provide you with the most cost effective solution to repair your settled foundation.

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