Concrete Leveling And Concrete Lifting Vallejo CA

Do you need help with concrete leveling and lifting in Vallejo? If so, your search has ended! We’re Bay Area Underpinning and we’ve been working hard repairing foundations, and uneven concrete slabs in Vallejo, CA since 2005.

Whatever your uneven slab – sidewalk, pool deck, driveway, garage floor, or something else – we can help! We lift and level sunken concrete slabs via a procedure known as polyurethane foam injection, or ”slabjacking”, for short. Most jobs take no more than a few hours tops.

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Sunken Concrete Is Both A Safety Hazard And A Liability

Nobody is going to argue with us when we say that sunken, uneven concrete sidewalks, driveways, and pool decks are serious eyesores. However,  they’re also trip hazards, and a liability that could result in a lawsuit if someone gets injured on your property. Therefore, this isn’t a repair you should postpone.

We are able to lift and level sunken or settled concrete slabs in Vallejo, CA including, but not limited to…

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