Concrete Leveling And Concrete Lifting El Cerrito CA

Looking for concrete leveling and concrete lifting in El Cerrito CA? Tired of looking at your sunken sidewalk, driveway, or another type of uneven concrete slab? If so, don’t hit that back button! This is where you want to be. We’re Bay Area Underpinning and we’ve been lifting sunken concrete slabs in El Cerrito since 2005.

We use a fast, minimally-invasive repair method called polyurethane foam injection. Most jobs take no more than a few hours and after we’re done, you can begin using the slab again right away.

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Sunken Concrete Is Both A Safety Hazard And A Liability

Sure, sunken concrete slabs are ugly, and they lower your property value. However, they’re also dangerous. If someone trips and gets injured on your property, you could find yourself facing a lawsuit. So, this isn’t a repair you want to postpone for very long.

We are able to level sunken or settled concrete slabs in El Cerrito, CA including, but not limited to…

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