Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

Level Your Foundation Once and For All

Carbon fiber reinforcement involves using carbon fiber – a thin, extremely strong, minimally-invasive material – to repair wall cracks and reinforce failing foundation walls.

Carbon fiber reinforcement is used for structural reinforcement on:

  • Cracked foundation footings and stem walls
  • Cracked foundation walls (large and small cracks)
  • Basements walls
  • Vertical footing cracks
  • Spider web cracking
  • Spalling concrete walls

Benefits of carbon fiber reinforcement

  • Carbon fiber reinforcement is less expensive than removing and replacing a section of cracked footing or foundation.
  • The carbon fiber reinforcement repair process is quick. We can fix a wall crack in just one or two days.
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement is ten times stronger than steel. The concrete will fail before the carbon fiber does.
  • After the repair is complete, you can paint over it to hide the repair.
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement fixes a wide variety of cracks.
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement is lightweight and won’t add weight to the foundation wall.
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement resists corrosion.

Carbon fiber reinforcement installation procedure

Residential repairs are typically performed after an estimator sees a crack on a foundation wall, footing, or stem wall. We use carbon fiber reinforcement on outside walls and inside walls. The installation procedure is as follows:

  1. First, we remove the soil covering the cracked area.
  2. Since we need a clean surface, we remove any dirt and debris from the cracked area.
  3. If the rebar is exposed, we apply a high-strength grout to the area
  4. We apply epoxy to the surface.
  5. We cover the crack and the area around it with a carbon fiber patch, pressing it into the cracked area for a solid and flat bond.
  6. Finally, we apply more epoxy resin to the surface. We completely cover the carbon fiber to ensure that it bonds properly to the foundation. In some cases, we apply a transparent film over the carbon fiber to protect the repair from exposure to the elements.
  7. The soil is backfilled, and the repair is complete. You can now paint over the carbon fiber if you want. (We don’t do this, but you certainly can.
carbon-crack-repair-before carbon-crack-repair-after

We also use carbon fiber reinforcement to repair commercial buildings, concrete silos, and bridges. The installation procedure is the same.


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