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Foundation Repair Berkeley CA, an important service offered by Bay Area Underpinning. Berkeley, CA is famous for its academic scientific achievements as well as its fine arts. It is the location of many festivals like the Jewish Music Festival, Berkeley Arts Festival, Himalayan Fair, and Berkeley Kite Festival. Berkeley is home to a campus of the University of California.

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Berkeley is as coastal as most cities come. This leads to a higher chance of flooding and runoff, which in turn leads to foundation water issues. The California spring and summer rains lend a hand in the flooding and water runoff. This water runoff can be troubling for your foundation. Foundation problems such as settlement and sinking can result from excess water in the ground. Fortunately, Bay Area Underpinning offers several foundation repair options that keep water damage away from your home. Foundation repair for homes in Berkeley CAWe will make sure that you know what is going on in every step of the repair process. Bay Area Underpinning offers the best in foundation underpinning, from crawlspace piers, to slab piers, to resistance piers.

We will examine your foundation problem and decide on the best underpinning solution for you. The foundation push pier that we choose is then driven deep into the soil or to rock so that your home can be lifted to its normal state. These piers are used when your home or structure is in need of being lifted due to settling because of the surrounding soil issues. With the use of portable equipment, installation in areas where there is only limited access are not a problem.

Floor and Concrete Leveling, Lifting for Berkeley, CA

Flooring installation can be expensive, so homeowners usually want it to last for a long time. When your flooring encounters flaws such as sloped or uneven surfaces, it could be very frustrating to look at. Uneven floors can also become a tripping hazard for family and friends. Sinking or uneven concrete floors in your home are an indicator of serious foundation problems that should be repaired as soon as possible. There are tell-tail signs to look out for such as:concrete leveling for Berkeley CA residents

  • Floor cracks
  • Mold growth
  • Wood rot in the crawlspace
  • Sagging floors toward the center of the home
  • Sinking or heaving slab
  • Sticking doors
  • Gaps between walls or doors
  • Wet, damp crawlspace

So what causes uneven floors? Uneven or sloping floors are often caused by settling foundations, moisture problems, plumbing leaks, support issues, soil erosion, freeze/thaw cycles or soil shrinkage. You can prevent settlement issues by keeping water away from your foundation to maintain constant moisture levels in the soil. Clean your gutters by removing debris and leaves, install the proper downspouts, and repair all plumbing leaks.

If your home needs concrete leveling, Bay Area Underpinning offers a variety of concrete repair solutions. We use foundation leveling, lifting, leveling, and stabilization techniques to get your foundation back to normal. Call us today for a free estimate. We can inspect your damages and provide the best solution for your home without replacing your concrete. We provide quality concrete leveling and foundation repair services for the residents of Berkeley, CA.

If you have a wet, damp crawlspace, Bay Area Underpinning also specializes in crawlspace repair with the installation of vapor barriers. Our vapor barriers are designed to guard your home against high levels of moisture and prevent water from entering your basement.

The experts at Bay Area Underpinning are dedicated to making your home safe and sturdy once again.  Give us a call today to find our how we can get the foundation problems in your Berkeley, California home fixed.