Why Consult the BBB for Foundation Contractors?


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Posted By: bayarea on 2nd August 2018 Category: Foundation Repair

BBB graphic: be sure to see if a company is a BBB accredited business before you hire them

Your home is likely your biggest investment. That makes many issues with your home, such as certain foundation problems, a seriously stressful and expensive problem. If you take a risk on a company that has multiple negative reviews, you are putting your largest investment at risk and may have to deal with poor quality repairs and end up paying more to have the foundation fixed again. Even if you end up just wasting time with a company that gives you the run-around, it’s worth it to make sure you’re hiring a reputable company from the get-go.

if you are in need of foundation repair from your home, you want to hire a contractor you can trust to get the job done without screwing you over. But how do you do that?

The best way to make sure that your foundation repair company is reliable is to DO YOUR RESEARCH. That involves visiting the foundation repair company’s website, and/or talking to someone from the company, but it also means checking out their online listings. Online listings from organizations like BBB (Better Business Bureau) can help you determine whether or not the company you’re looking into is experienced, skilled, and trustworthy enough to tackle your foundation repair job.

How to Look into a Company Using the BBB and Similar Listings

Take the following steps when looking into a company using BBB and similar organizations.

  1. Check out the company’s BBB profile page. Search a company’s name followed by “BBB” to find their profile page. Click on the page and view their overall BBB rating. That gives you an idea of the kind of company you’re looking at. The BBB rating will tell you whether or not the business is accredited and could give you some idea about overall customer experience as well.
  2. Check for negative reviews from other customers. Check out the company’s rating, but don’t stop there. Read multiple individual reviews as well, if possible. When reading reviews, pay attention to specific issues that customers may have had and look for trends as well. If multiple people had problems with poor communication, you might be in for a very annoying and unnecessarily lengthy process. If multiple customers found the repairs to be faulty, stay away from that company. On the other hand, if you find multiple positive reviews, that is a great sign that the company is reliable and trustworthy. Do be wary of customer reviews that seem like they might be biased for any reason.
  3. Cross-check with other review platforms. Don’t only look at BBB or one review platform. Research the company on multiple platforms to get a better sense of who they are. Some great ones to look into are Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Google My Business, and Facebook.
  4. Use common sense. When it comes down to it, use common sense to make your final decision. Check reviews, get multiple quotes, and make sure you talk to the contractor beforehand and get a contract in writing.

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