Understanding Push Piers


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Posted By: bayarea on 20th June 2013 Category: Foundation Repair

Push Piers California

Settling can cause many different problems in a home, such as cracking walls, separating walls and floors, and sinking garage or slab floors. Each of these is notPush Piers california only a sign of foundation failure, but is a separate problem within itself. Luckily just by fixing the settling foundation, you can prevent future foundation problems. “How would I be able to do that?” you might ask. The answer is simple; push piers California.

Push piers in California are a smart solution to fix a settling foundation. They will correct your sinking foundation floors, giving leverage and strength back to your foundation. Push piers in California will create stable footing for the foundation of your home. With push piers, your home will be able to hold up to its proper load bearing standards.

The process of a push pier is simple, they are driven deep into the soil to support your home from the interior and exterior of the foundation. Push piers bypass all of the active soil and are driven into stable weight bearing soil, so there is no need to worry about shifting soil. Push piers are quickly becoming known as the best way to fix a settling foundation in California. Not only will push piers help to prevent future settling and sinking, they will put your slab foundation back into its original position. Sagging floors will be straightened back to where they need to be.

If you have questions about whether or not push piers are appropriate for your specific situation of foundation failure, give us a call. Either way, we can assure that our service, along with our products, are of top quality. You can rest easy knowing our repairs will make your home a safe and secure environment again for you and your family.