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Posted By: bayarea on 3rd October 2013 Category: Foundation Repair

New Construction Supports in the Bay Area

It’s exciting to build a new home. You research and plan how your home is going to look from the inside to the outside appearance. This is the time to think about new construction supports. You need to remember that some thought needs to given to what you can not see. Your foundation provides a strong base for your home to sit upon when the weight of your home is evenly distributed on the soil. Often new construction is built on active soils due to the movement from all the machines and construction going on at the site. From the beginning, your contractor and engineer should be thinking about how they are going to support your home for the long run. Helical piers are the most common way to add stability to your home. They have proved over the years to be sturdy and reliable. New Construction Supports Bay Area, New Construction Supports CaliforniaThe helical piers are installed deeper into more stable bedrock that will provide the needed support for your home’s foundation.

Bay Area Underpinning uses helical piers for new construction support. We use the best in the market made by Earth Contact Products (EPC). Helical piers come in a variety of sizes to fit the size of your foundation and the upper levels. From the beginning of construction of your home, you can create a solid base so that there won’t be settling issues sometime in the future. You don’t want to have foundation repairs to deal with years later due to the settling of the soil base. The money spent at this time will save you money for repairs on foundation cracks and other problems that could be bigger.

New Construction Supports for California Buildings

Over the years, helical pier installation for new construction supports has been growing in California because of how reliable they are. Today there are more qualified installers too. Our team of experienced contractors can make a proposal that will make you feel safe about your choices for your foundation. When you choose helical piers, you will be keeping your home building project on time and budget because they can be installed in any weather conditions. There is no wait time for concrete to cure and this keeps your project moving forward on time.

Bay Area Underpinning is the company to help you make sure your new construction supports does the job needed to keep your home and foundation stable and level. Using the right products from ECP will ensure that you will not have to worry about the settling of your foundation into the soil. Give us a call before you finish your house plans and start the new construction of your home for your family.