Solutions for Bowing Walls


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Posted By: bayarea on 2nd July 2013 Category: Foundation Repair

Solutions for Bowing Walls

When you have bowed walls in your home it is a major indication that you have a foundation problem. This is a very serious foundation problem that should be handled as soon as possible. As time passes by your bowed walls can actually collapse from the pressure caused by the stress and pressure from outside. When the soil around your home builds up enough hydrostatic pressure by pushing against the foundation walls and with water pressure from the outside, it causes your walls to bow inward. Also, they could also be caused by seasonal changes by expanding the soil with excess moisture and contracting it when there is a lack of moisture in the soil. Fortunately, there are solutions to your bowed walls! Our professionals at Bay Area Underpinning can handle it.

Bowed Walls in San Francisco

One of the ways to tackle your bowed walls is with wall anchors. This is a simple solution to the problem when Solutions for Bowing Walls, Bowed Walls San Franciscohandled by professionals. On the interior of your home, there is a metal plate attached to the foundation walls. These plates are then attached to an anchor buried in your yard outside of your home. When this is taken care of it takes some of the stress away from the hydrostatic pressure pushing on your foundation walls. The wall anchors make sure that the bow in the walls will not go any further.

Also, the products we install in your home are the best in the industry. We install Earth Contact Products and they are the leading manufacturers on the market today. They have the best steel foundation repair, waterproofing, and anchoring products. These products are guaranteed to keep your house safe and sound. When you have the right professional come in and install these products, your home will be in much better condition than it was before. Contact us today at Bay Area Underpinning.