What is Slab Spalling/Scalling?


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Posted By: bayarea on 20th June 2018 Category: Foundation Repair

concrete or slab spalling or scaling could indicate foundation problemsConcrete is a durable material. That doesn’t mean that it can’t break down over time, or need repair. Concrete slab foundations experience many problems, from cracks to settlement. But there are indicators other than cracks that can tell you that a problem may be around the corner: Spalling and scaling of concrete. So what exactly are concrete scaling and spalling?

Spalling of concrete is caused by water entering the concrete causing the surface of the concrete to flake or peel off. It occurs because there is too much moisture in the concrete. Spalling can occur in concrete bricks, which are common in some areas around us. It can also occur in poured concrete. It can occur more often in areas where there is a high level of salt in the water.  If you have ever seen the effect of salt on concrete in the winter time, you very likely have seen concrete spalling before.

Scaling is another term for spalling used by concrete contractors. This name refers to the scale-like pieces of concrete that flake off when scaling occurs.

Does Spalling or Scaling Mean You have Slab Foundation Problems?

Not necessarily, however, we do caution you to pay attention to this problem. It can indicate that there is a high level of water in the areas around your foundation if you are noticing spalling in your concrete foundation walls or poured foundation walls. What we recommend is to investigate your home for other signs of foundation problems such as foundation cracks, sloping floors, wet crawl spaces or basements, windows and doors that stick in their frames, cracks in drywall or ceilings, tiles cracking, or countertops pulling away from walls. If you notice any additional symptoms of foundation problems you may want to get your home’s foundation inspected.

If you are concerned about spalling, you can have a foundation repair expert such as Bay Area Underpinning do an inspection as well. Changes to your foundation are always something you should pay attention to. Foundation repairs can sometimes be costly, but foundation replacement definitely is more costly. For questions or assistance with your foundation problems, reach out to our team right away.