Slab Cracks and Slab Leaks Are Nothing to Mess With


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Posted By: bayarea on 7th October 2013 Category: Foundation Repair

Slab Repair Bay Area

You may notice, over time, that your slab foundation has begun to develop cracks. While these can be a result of age, or wear and tear, the cause is often a more serious issue with your foundation. Sometimes, slab leaks and cracks are caused by a shifting or settling foundation. This is a big issue that can lead to other problems with the overall structural integrity of your house. If you notice and cracks in your slab foundation, contact Bay Area Underpinning immediately; we offer the best options for all types of slab repair bay area.

Slab cracks can cause water damage to your home. If water leaks through the crack, it is allowed to enter and cause serious damage to structural area is the home or even to your personal possessions. Water leakage could also cause mold to grow behind walls and flooring. Slab leaks can be very serious; the concrete that contains the plumbing is often very thick and contain the water within the walls, allowing a large amount to collect before you notice that there is a leak. It is very important to invest in slab repair bay area services as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to the health and safety of your home.

One typical cause for cracks and leaks to form in a slab foundation is a shifting or movement in the soil beneath the foundation.  This can occur in a few different ways, the most common being too  much water in the soil. If there is an excess amount of water in the ground, it will increase the hydrostatic pressure in the soil. If this pressure reaches an amount that is too large for the Slab Repair Bay Area, Slab Repair CAfoundation to handle, it may shift or crack.  Another cause is a settling foundation. Erosion or soil shrinkage due to drought can create voids beneath the foundation which prevent it from being able to fully support the weight of the structure. In this situation, the foundation will settle, resulting in slab cracks.

Slab Repair CA Options

The best option for slab repair bay area  is to use one of the foundation lifting or foundation stabilization methods from Bay Area Underpinning. These include the installation of various types of support piers; helical piers, steel push piers, slab piers, and resistance piers. We use ECP (Earth Contact Products) steel piers for the best quality repairs. These piers all work in similar fashions, by drilling into stable soil and supporting the weight of your home and lifting it back to it’s original position. In most cases, this will seal any slab cracks that have occurred and prevent slab leaks from ruining the structural integrity of your home.

If you are dealing with slab cracks or leaks, don’t wait around; contact Bay Area Underpinning today.  Our highly skilled team of professionals is always ready to help with all of your slab repair bay area needs.