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Posted By: bayarea on 20th June 2013 Category: Foundation Repair

Slab Repair Bay Area

The slab in your home is the concrete on which your house was built, and over time, it wears down from all the different things it must take on. Slabs can sometimes crack or sink. Some other signs of slab failure include water leakage, leaning walls, or sticking doors and windows.

Unfortunately, a failing slab is just a part of being a homeowner, and it is just part of the deal that you need to watch out for the signs of foundation failure. You might be thinking that ignoring the signs is fine for now, but that is not true. You want to address the problem as soon as possible, it will be less expensive and a less extensive repair if caught early.

Not only will it be less expensive, it will also be safer for you and your family. A failing foundation is a serious problem that can cause many different problems in your home. If the case is bad enough sometimes it could cause your home to start to collapse. Since no one wants that, it is best to get your slab repair bay area now.

If you notice signs of slab or foundation failure, give Bay Area a call. We are your number one slab repair California team! We offer a few different repair options for slab repair. The two main solutions to slab failure are helical slab brackets and resistance slab piers. Both are great products to use for this type of foundation failure. We can promise we will give you great service and fantastic results with your slab repair California.

Professional Slab Repair California

Helical slab brackets are the more economical repair for this issue. These brackets ensure that your home will have the stability it needs now, and in the future as well. They will give you back the confidence that your foundation is safe and secure. Helical slab brackets are used to lift the slab back into its original position. They are inserted into the failing slab and then driven into stable soil. They will push up on the failing slab from underneath that will put it back to where it needs to be.

Slab Repair Bay Area, Slab Repair CA, Slab Repair CaliforniaResistance slab piers are the other solution to a failing slab. These piers are specifically made for structural slab support. They are placed at even intervals under the slab, usually no bigger than five feet. When they are all spaced and installed properly they will each bear the slabs weight uniformly. Resistance slab piers are the most efficient, fast, and least disruptive way to fix your foundation.

Whatever you choose we can promise that both will fulfill your slab repair Bay Area needs.  We will come out and help you get rid of your present slab failure, and help to prevent future foundation failure. You can rest easy knowing that our slab repair California is safe, we can promise your home is not going anywhere. Our team of professionals can’t wait to work with you. Give us a call today!