Signs You Need Floor Leveling in Your California Home


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Posted By: bayarea on 17th August 2015 Category: Foundation Repair

floor leveling California homeDoes your home have uneven floors? As a homeowner, finding out that the floors in your home may need leveling and repairs can be frustrating. They can cause tripping hazards, so it’s imperative to make sure your floors are safe for family and friends. You’ve probably heard that foundation repairs may be expensive, but this isn’t always the case. If repairs are made in a timely manner, most floor leveling repairs are affordable. Regardless of cost, fixing your foundation is necessary. Know the signs of foundation failure before the situation gets worse.

Over time, your home’s foundation may settle which makes it difficult to effectively support the weight of the home. This may be caused by several factors, such as:

  • Foundation settling
  • Structural damage caused by excessive moisture and dampness
  • Maturing root roots planted too close to the foundation
  • Improperly back-filled soil during construction
  • Constant heaving and shrinking of clay soils that creates pressure against foundation walls

All these factors can cause foundation problems, including sloping and uneven floors. You may notice clues such as:

  • Chimney cracks
  • Exterior brick cracks
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Sinking, sagging or moving foundation
  • Sloping floors
  • Water seepage through cracks
  • Misaligned windows or doors
  • Foundation cracks
  • Settled porches or stoops

These are signs that your home may need floor leveling and repair. Our professionals can inspect your home, check the damage, and tell whether your home needs leveling. We’ll also find the source of your foundation problems to prevent future settlement.

Floor Leveling Solutions for Your California Home

steel piers floor leveling in californiaAt Bay Area Underpinning, we offer floor leveling methods to stabilize and support your home’s foundation. We use helical piers or steel push piers by Earth Contact Products (ECP). ECP is the leading manufacturer of underpinning, so you’re getting quality products as well as top service from our professionals.

Both helical and steel piers are easy, economical solutions designed to give you long-lasting results. Each product has its own unique advantages.

Steel Push Piers: Steel push piers are heavy duty steel piers that are hydraulically driven deep into the soil until they reach more suitable soil. No heavy equipment is needed, causing little disruption to the work area. They can be quickly installed depending on the number of piers required. Steel push piers will completely lift and support the foundation to prevent further settling. Other benefits include:

  • Installed year-round
  • Increases property value
  • Raises foundation back to normal
  • Uses noninvasive equipment
  • Uses galvanized steel
  • Reaches load-bearing strata

Helical Piers: Like steel push piers, helical piers help stabilize settling foundations by transferring the structure’s load from weak soil to stable soil. Instead of piers pushed into the soil, helical piers are mechanically screwed in. Once the piers reach the desired depth, steel brackets are placed under the footing. Installing helical piers is much faster than rebuilding concrete foundations. They do not rely on the weight of the house, so they are typically used for light loads such as stoops and porches. Some benefits of helical piers include:

  • Installed year-round
  • Used for heavy and light loads
  • Quick installation
  • Uses low impact equipment that can access hard to reach areas
  • Strengthens the foundation
  • Applied to new and existing construction

Contact the experts at Bay Area Underpinning for professional floor leveling in California. We will find the best floor leveling method to prevent further settlement. Call us for a free estimate or for more information.